How Anime and Manga Affect Teenagers

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With us living in the modern times, new technologies appeared that helped people perform their tasks well. Truly our lifestyle has changed along with the changes in technology. People’s hobbies have changed as well, this is greatly seen in the growing population of what we could call otakus. In the Western part of the world, this term refers to the people who are fans of anime and manga. In Japan, however, this term is somewhat considered as a negative way of labeling someone. For the Japanese, otaku people are those who are obsessed with anime, manga and videogames to the point where some of them no longer go out and socialize with other people. Some of these otakus prefer to shut themselves in their rooms instead. Anime and manga has also led some people, mostly teenagers, to dress up and act as their favorite anime/videogame character. We call this as cosplay, the…...

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... behavioral problems get ideas from anime. For example, the anime "Death Note," which features a notebook in which the protagonist can write down the name of someone he wants to die as well as the method of that person's death and actually kill that person, can caused a number of problems in Filipino teenagers. They might affect their thinking in the anime, and started to think the same on how the protagonist’s actions and apply it in real life. An Interest in Art Majority of the Filipino teenagers interested in anime pursue an interest in art. These teenagers are often interested in designing their own anime characters and creating their own manga (Japanese-style comic books). While some art teachers may be frustrated with these students' desire to draw only in the large-eyed, cartoonish anime style, an increased interest in art is an opportunity to introduce these students to other types of art. Teachers can explain that even anime artists must be able to draw lifelike drawings to be able to convey movement and poses realistically. Learn Japanese Language and Culture Perhaps the most educational benefit of students' or teenager’s interest in anime is the frequent interest in Japanese language and culture that these students develop as a result. Majority of the Filipino teens who want to spend time abroad in Japan or who want to pursue careers in Japan can point to a love of anime as the original impetus. Teachers and parents should......

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