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How Best to Ready for an Interview


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How Best to Ready One-self for an Interview

When applying for a job, an organization can receive an abundance of applications. Once the applications are reviewed, the best candidates are then selected and an interview for each candidate is set up on a specific date and time. Preparation is critical to make a positive impression and set you above the other applicants.

Most organizations have a website with an abundance of helpful information. Your aim is to research and familiarize yourself with their website. What are their strengths? What types of services or products do they offer? Other facts such as their location, size and history are typically available and can be useful to show your knowledge of the organization. Research who their top competitor is, and make sure you are familiar with any current events that may involve or could potentially impact the organization.

The next step is to gather any documentation that would be useful during the interview. At the very least, an additional copy of your resume should be in hand. If you have any work samples or a portfolio, you should prepare to bring that along with you.

This is a good time to review your work experience and any training you’ve had that would be beneficial to the position. Be sure you are ready to discuss your qualifications and how you can make a positive impact.

Then you are faced with what to wear. You need to dress appropriately. This is your first impression and you want to convey to your prospective employer you are a professional and you are a serious candidate.

Finally, find out in advance how long it will take you to get to the interview and where you should park. Be sure to allow additional time for unexpected delays. A successful interview always starts with being on

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