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How Businesses Develop Brand Loyalty

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Brand loyalty is one of the most powerful marketing tools available, and it ensures that your products will be desired again. Many consumers develop loyalty to products of all types. Cars, electronics, clothing, and even groceries are often chosen based on prior experiences with particular brands. There are many ways to create and maintain brand loyalty. Three of those ways include rewards programs, customer satisfaction, and advertising. This report covers the definition, creation, and influence of social media on brand loyalty. How Businesses Develop Brand Loyalty
All companies strive to create brand loyalty. It is one of the most powerful marketing tools available, and it ensures that your products will be desired again. Many consumers develop loyalty to products of all types. Cars, electronics, clothing, and even groceries are often chosen based on prior experiences with particular brands. How do companies develop this loyalty? In this report I will cover the definition, creation, and influence of social media on brand loyalty.
The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia (2014) defines Brand Loyalty as “the attachment of the consumer to a particular brand, even though that brand may be more expensive than competing brands.” It is a psychological contract between the consumer and the brand, and is the target for all marketers. Consumers tend to develop devotion to specific brands. They buy what they have already bought in the past and opt for the brands that they have already experienced (Khoury, 2014). When consumers have positive experiences with brands, they are inclined to buy those brands more often.
Two aspects of brand loyalty are purchase loyalty and attitudinal loyalty. Purchase loyalty consists of buying a certain brand repeatedly, which leads to greater market share. Attitudinal loyalty happens when consumers associate a unique value with a...

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