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How Can Electrolux Use Teamwork and Groups to Succeed?

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Third Assignment is 3 point and you got

Name ID Section
Computer and Information Technology
Lab Assignment 3

1. In Microsoft Excel, do the following: a. Save the Word file as Excel homework on your disk b. Insert a worksheet, by clicking at [pic] c. Rename sheet4 to be January, sheet1 to be February, sheet2 to be March, and sheet3 to be April (Right click at the sheet tab -> Rename) [pic]

d. At February worksheet, type the following information (to switch from January worksheet to February worksheet, use your mouse and click at the February worksheet tap at the bottom of your screen)


e. Calculate the missing values for each column using the following functions: (Always start typing your functions or formula with an Equal sign) Instruction for each cell
|In each cell |Functions/Formula |
|Total (for each row, |Use the Mouse to click at the empty cell below the “Total” |
|such as food, shopping,|Type = |
|and etc.) |Use the Mouse to click the first number in the cell in each row. For Food total, Excel will automatically present|
| |you = B2 |
| |Type * For Food total, Excel will automatically present you = B2* |
| |Use the Mouse to click at the next number in the cell in each row. For Food total, Excel will automatically |
| |present you = B2*C2...

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