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Benefit to your home country
While the developing world has uneven fossil resources, it is blessed with more evenly distributed underdeveloped (andlargely unmapped) renewable energy sources. can facilitate the growth of domestic work opportunities, thereby helping to achieve sustainable development and the millennium goals in the developing world. Artificial and persistent market distortions

Wind energy
In the developing world, very good windsites are found in the Southern tip of
Latin America, with good coastal siteselsewhere. Many wind sites in the developing countries have not been assessed.In some cases weather stations’data are unreliable as a result of surroundingurbanisation, or lack of calibration

Photovoltaic (PV) cells make up modules,are placed in arrays and convert sunlight into direct current electricitywithout any moving parts. The semiconductor materials are encapsulated andsealed hermetically. A long service life ofmore than 25 years andusuallyequalwarranty periods make this moderntechnology increasingly attractive. Withsuitable electronics, PV systems can be

Solar cooling
A high cooling load triggered the peakdemand problem in California. The space cooling demand grows as income levelsand comfort demands increase, and iscompounded by global warming andurbanization. It is not unusual that fairlyinefficient air conditioners are used tocool thermally inefficient buildings. Many

solar space cooling would offer theattraction of the maximum cooling demand coinciding with the maximumsolar radiation. Regrettably, the technology is underdeveloped. Solar cooling forfood and medicine would satisfy an urgent need in hot and tropical countries.

Cooling of food and medicinesrequires little energy, but has a significant impact. A heat pump must rejectheat to the environment. Therefore the machine must be driven at a...

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