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How Can Knowing Terminology Terms Be an Asset When Evaloating and Analyzing Research Studies or Data.

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The Research Process
Cheryl Hall
September 22, 2014
Sharon Taylor

The Research Process
This paper is going to explain some of the terminology used in criminal justice. As you read this paper you will start to understand some of the research that is done to keep up with the terminology that will aid in helping us enter into whichever branch or specialty of police work we might be interested in.
The research process is a step-by-step process of developing a research paper, as you go from one step to the other it is usually necessary to backup, revise, add additional material or even change your topic completely. The research process itself involves locating, assessing, analyzing, and then developing and expressing your ideas. This is the same skills you will need outside the academic world when you write a report for criminal justice. Secondary source is usually studies by other researchers, they describe, analyze, and/or evaluate information found in primary sources. Primary sources are original works; these sources represent original thinking, report on discoveries or share new information. Usually these represent the first formal appearance of original resource.
The new terminology will help throughout the research and will aid in whichever branch or specialty of police work you want to enter. It is important to know the terminology in any field you want to go into. If you want to be a doctor you have to know medical terminology, for criminal justice you have to know that terminology and to be a druggist you have to know what the medicine is called which is their terminology. The criminal justice field is always changing and that is why research is so important, knowing and understanding all of the information that comes from this research is important for anyone choosing a career in the criminal justice field. Remember we have other people’s...

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