How Computer Technology Ties Into Information Technology

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How computer technology ties into information technology
David Carlson
May 1, 2011
Bob Sanders

How Computer Technology Ties into Information Technology
This paper will show how computer systems are an integral part of information technology. We will look at: the best methods of data input for given situations, in given situations what are the best methods of output, the different types of storage and their optimal use, and how certain components affect computer speed.
Accuracy of Data Input is Important
Now we will look at five different scenarios and what would be the best way to input data and why. Printed questionnaires or surveys are often part of research studies so the method used to input their data into the system needs to be as accurate as can be. Human data-entry devices (HDED) would not be a very reliable form of data-entry because most research studies put out hundreds if not thousands of surveys and for people to try to input all that data accurately would be almost impossible. Since almost all surveys are multiple choice the best choice for the input method is the optical mark reader. The optical mark reader is a source-data automation input device (SDAID) that scans the survey detecting marks on the answer grid.
Telephone surveys are another changing part of society, in the past phone surveys were handles by multitudes of phone operators asking questions and typing the responses into the computer. Times have changed and companies are seeing that the time of the human phone operator is over, not only can they be slow at data-entry but it is also easy for their data-entry to be mistake riddled. Every day more and more companies are instead using automated systems which use voice-recognition software. This software converts and enters the human voice into the system as data, making data-entry significantly faster.
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