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How Did Friar Lawrence Agree In Romeo And Juliet

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Friar Lawrence took Romeo and Juliet’s affairs to the next level, and they are now suffering the consequences because of Father’s intentions. He wedded them because it was for the sake of peace, not for the belief that they have true love. The priest admits that there would be a tragedy, and still goes along with the plan to advance their relationship. Even when they are not ready. Romeo wrongly loves as Father thinks that Romeo loves for beauty. Friar Lawrence should have taught Romeo and Juliet the ways of honesty rather than deceit.
Friar agreed because he thought that this could unite their families. He openly admits this when he announces: “In one respect I’ll thy assistance be: for this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households’
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Friar Lawrence means that when he says: “These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and powder, which as they kiss consume: the sweetest honey” ( This means that Romeo and his significant other, Juliet, aren’t ready to take this seriously because they are going too fast. This poses a problem in the long run because they don’t know much about each other. Friar Lawrence is implying their love is not true because they love each other off of the first impressions. They barely got any detail of the other’s life, which is a problem when they make decisions in their future life. Friar Lawrence advises them to beware of their future as it can end just as easily as it started.
Finally, Friar knows Romeo’s love is not true. It is displayed when he states: “Come forth, come forth, thou fearful man: affliction is enamour’d of thy parts, and thou art wedded to calamity.” (3.3.1-3) This statement supposedly reflected on a fault in Romeo and Juliet’s love. This negligence occurred because Romeo did not listen to his heart, but his eyes. Romeo loved because he was desperate and only observed for beauty. Friar was well aware, yet he still wedded them for his own desires. Their love was never true as Romeo’s love is for Juliet’s beauty, which sparked to

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