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How Did The Americans Purchase New Orleans

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The land west of the Mississippi was barely inhabited, but was a very important territory to the Americans. The French wanted the Louisiana territory from Spain, causing the Americans to worry. The French were a powerful force, and Americans need "the Mississippi for commerce"1 and transportation. The American people were not going to let France inhabit that territory at any cost. "The acquisition of New Orleans became of paramount national interest"2, so the Americans needed to find a way to acquire it. They had buy it from the French making sure that they wouldn't settle there.
If the French had taken the territory Americans would have had to align to take it back. The French army never made it to New Orleans, as it became less important to them. This allowed Thomas Jefferson to find a way to buy it off the French. "Congress granted the envoys $2 million to secure"3 New Orleans. This was an important step to be able to purchase the whole territory. The Mississippi river was an extremely important transportation route for the Americans, and controlling that area allowed for the expansion of America. The territory would double the size of America.
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" James Monroe was instructed to purchase New Orleans and west Florida paying no more than 10 million dollars"4. They decided to break that rule and spent fifty percent more to acquire the great plains as well. America purchased the territory for 15 million dollars, doubling the size of the country and giving us control of the Mississippi and Missouri river. Thomas Jefferson always felt that American territory needed to be spread throughout the whole continent, making this a successful purchase. The territory now has fifteen of the fifty states in America and many national

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