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How Did Ultron Get Together

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Altron yeld, “ Get them, don’t let get away ”
The sharks swam as fast as they could to attack the rescue crew. But the rescue crew was prepared they had smoke bombs to have a quick break of time to get a head start on Ultron's henchsharks. When Ultron saw them get away, he didn’t know that he was in a trap. There was a trap hanging over his head ( made by metal stronger than titanium ) and penguins have tied him in rope. Then the plan came perfectly into place, the rope worked amazingly then the trap went right over him, and Ultron couldn’t go anywhere, he was trapped in his footsteps.
Ultron yelled, “ What just happened, I’ll be back to get you ”
So all the penguins and the animals in the rescue team, got away as fast as they could from...

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