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How Divorce Impacts Children Under the Age of 18

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How Divorce Impacts Children Under the Age of 18
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In this research you will see how divorce impacts children under the age of 18. The effects are not universal. Divorce affects children differently based on their age, personality and sexuality. Divorce affects children both mentally and physically. In this research, you will see how divorce can impact children immediately as well as post divorce. I will start with infants, preschool age children, school-aged and then adolescents. Then you will see how divorce affects children spiritually. Furthermore, you will see how the affect of divorce varies based on the child's gender. Finally, in this research paper, you will see ways to help a child adjust after divorce.

The first age group is infants. Not too much is known on the affects of divorce for children under the age of 3. Some have speculated that children under the age of 3 does not always suffer from their parents divorced. Thus, sociologist and psychologist agreed that problems in personality can developed if the child had a strong bond between the parents and those bonds are broken due to the divorce. Professionals highly encourage parents to make arrangements so the potential, full affect of the divorce won’t impact the child as much. The conflict of divorce may not be understood by infants, but they can react to changes in the parent’s level of energy and involvement. Infants can lose their appetite, have an upset stomach and spit up more often.

Preschool Children
The second group is Preschool age children. Children ages 3-5 often blame themselves for the divorce. The impact leads them to believe that they are the cause of their parents divorcing. For example, a child in that age bracket would think if he had gone to sleep at that time when he was told, mommy would not have left. Sometimes...

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