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How Do I See My Self 10 Years from Now

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How do I see myself 10 years from now?

It is a human nature to desire for something beyond ourselves. I may not be a perfect person that wishes for a perfect life. But one thing is for sure, what I wanted is what I really deserved. Dream big. No one can say what we are going to be in our future, we are the drivers of our own lives, whatever road it may be, it’s either a smooth or even rocky road. We are the planners and doers of our own lives. I’m a kind of person that never stops on dreaming, wishing for something that I really wanted to have, material things or even something that will make me and my family happy and satisfied. Back when I was only a child, I keep on saying to myself that I want a big house, a car, and I wanted to be rich so that I can help my family. I want to travel around the world with my family, something that we can’t do before. There’s nothing wrong in dreaming, as long as we have the courage and passion to pursue all of that. Keep on dreaming, but dot forget to make it real. Hard work, perseverance, and faith to God are the key. God is the center of all things; he makes all impossible things possible. And as I see myself 10 years from now, I’m already 28 years old who already graduated from this course BS Math – Business Application. And after I graduated, I applied on a job that is related to my course on a prestigious company. And as my hard work was paid off, I got promoted in a higher position as the CEO of the company because I have the love and passion with my work. Due to that, I can buy now all the things that I wanted before. I really make sure for the better life of my family. And because of motivating myself that I can do all the things, me and my family have already our dream house, dream car and we can now travel wherever we want to go. But of course, happiness is not just about those material things, but rather it’s about having fun and enjoying every minute of our lives. I also have my 7 years relationship with my boyfriend and we’re already talking about the things about getting married. My family is happy, I am happy. My family and all the people around me are the people that motivate me, in dealing with what makes me happy. Every moment was destined to happen in our lives but before I achieve all that I was also challenged by God. I want to thank God for all these blessing. But because of keeping faith on him and thanking him every moment in my life I am now successful for what and who I have around. “Success isn’t measured for what I have, but for who I have.”

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