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How Do Media Influence Our Understanding of Masculinity?

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The documentary movie Tough Guise 2 gives us the most insightful understanding of how the contemporary masculinity is shaped and constructed by the media. In the movie, Dr. Jackson Katz bridges the connections between violence on the screen and violence in the real life by using lots of stunning examples from television, films, video games, and sports.
Then, what is the media? The media is the means of communication, as television, film and video games, newspapers, radio and magazines, which plays the silent but influential roles in the lives of individual. In particular, Television, film, and video convey information as well as impact comprehension of gender identities as a result of portray by the media (Kivel & Johnson, 2009; Johnson, Richmond, &
Kivel, 2008). For example, in our society, TV set is so important in many families and households. It functions as one of the most popular ways of entertainment for most of people and also as the important source of information. Van Evra
(1990:112) comments on the impact of television on the lives of many people by saying that it plays a significant role in a child’s growing beliefs and attitudes about what it means to be male or female in the world.
The National Television Violence Study examined nearly 10,000 hours of television programming from 1995-1997 and found that 60% contained violence, with children’s programming being the most violent (Federman, 1996). This study is summarized in the diagram below (Mediascope, 1996)
The movie industry is a business. Movies are produced to make a profit. Profit is attained by appealing to the masses, not about the message it sends. Therefore, some movies glorify and glamorize violence, particularly gun violence. However, in the end, it's up to each of us as parents to pass on the lessons we want our kids to learn. Lots of studies have showed that males…...

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