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How Does Canto Characterize Dante's Inferno

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How would you picture Satan? According to Dante’s Inferno explains a visual picture of how Satan appeared to be when he reached the bottom of Hell. The picture of Satan most likely wont satisfy the reader because many believed that Satan looked completely different rather than how the book explained how he looks. Lucifer was this big person, with wings, who had one head, but with three faces. The face in the middle was red, the one on his right was yellow, and the left was black. Each face had two eyes, and a mouth that chewed on a sinner. The place in the bottom of the slope is neither day nor night. What may surprise the reader about Dante’s Satan is that he is eating people rather than telling other what to do. Also, that he has three faces. Dante represents the ultimate evil this way to show the ready how nasty and sick this Satan looks and is. Even though Dante presented Satan as this horrible angel who transformed into a gruesome person, the reader can still be surprised into how he described him and how they might feel towards what Satan looks like and how contrapasso ties into this poem greatly. …show more content…
He made him suffer tremendously by freezing him and eat other people. I knew he was suffering because in Canto 34 it states how Lucifer face “Trickled the tear drops,”(line 54). This proves to show that with him crying it is obvious that he does not enjoy being in that position and he’s is suffering because he wants to get out. The way he describes hell is different because in the reader’s mind, they believe that hell is this red,hot place with a red Satan. According to Canto 34, it explains that the position of the Satan is that with his mouth “his teeth was crunching a sinner,”(line 55). Satan does this to the souls that have caused the greatest pain. While suffering himself, he goes and suffers others

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