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How Does Stienbeck Present the Character in the Novel of Mice and Men.

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Slim's character is the most unique and well developed character throughout the story, he is respected by his fellow ranch workers and even has Curley following his orders. Slim gives the story some indivduality as he is presented to be the hero of the story even though he isn't the protagonist. Slim advises George and genuienly likes Lennie he understands everyone mainly because he is kind and sheds some hope into the lives of most of the characters; what makes Slim so special is the fact he speaks to everyone from Crooks to Candy and even Curley's wife

When Slim is first introduced Steinbeck uses the words 'prince of the ranch' to describe him, he does this before Slim actually says anything, this indicates he already has authority over the ranch before the reader gets a chance to hear his backround information. Slim is compared to a respectable leader ''when he had finished combing his hair he moved with a majesty achieved only by royalty and master craftsmen'' so Steinbeck choice of words such as royalty and majesty suggests his manners were equlivent to a kings. When Slim speaks to George and Lennie 'his tone was friendly. It invited confidence without demanding it' although most men in the ranch have to act tough like Curley to gain respect Slim's presence alone is enough to have the men search advise for him, he also shows signs he is a good listener.

When Carlson had ideas to kill Candy's dog, Slim had agreed but he also reassured Candy and even offered his own pups''You can have a pup if you want to'' Slim had a good heart which was rarely seen in 1930s America because once people had to strive for jobs they had also lost their compassion towards others. Steinbeck himself states 'Slim's opinnions were law ''so Candy was looking for answers in Slim, it was mainly because he was insightful and level headed.

Slims relationships with George is one that...

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