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How Dreams Lead to Sucess

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“How Dreams Lead to Success”
Each and every person has dreams. Most dream of happiness, wealth or fear. The way we choose to interpret and act upon these dreams, will have an effect on our entire lives. To achieve success we must follow our dreams overcome obstacles and not let the fear of failure interfere with our goals.
A perfect example of how a dream leads to success is the Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur. They were the first innovators of flight and created the world’s first working airplane. When the brothers were young, they opened their own bike company to capitalize on the public’s new interest in bicycling. Once they earned enough money from their cycling company they wanted pursue their dreams of flying and flying machines. At first they tried to use gliders to fly, which worked but it wasn’t considered actually flying. A few years later they managed to put an engine on a plane and on December 17, 1903, they recorded the first flight. Although they had many critics, they proved all of them wrong when they flew publically in air shows. The two brothers had a dream that one day humans would take to the skies for transportation. Today most of their planes and equipment are scattered all over the country in different museums, including the Smithsonian. Wilbur and Orville Wright faced numerous hurdles that seemed impossible but they did not let challenges or failure deter them. The Wright brothers serve as an example of how hard work and dedication pays off in the end.
There are many types of dreams; financial success is one, while another and more important is happiness and contentment. I have many goals that I hope will lead me to success. One of my biggest dreams is to attend the University of South Carolina. At South Carolina I would like to attend the school of pharmaceuticals and earn a master’s degree in medicine. This particular dream motivates me to continue to earn good grades and excel in academia. Accomplishing this dream will allow me to succeed in life. Another dream of mine is to be able to travel the world. This would enable me to see the world and all it has to offer. Although this dream doesn’t make me successful in terms of wealth, it does make me prosperous in a different way: I would be doing something I love and something that makes me happy. Both of these dreams will not be easily achieved, but by following my heart, many things that I thought were impossible can become a reality with hard work and effort. The unknown of following your dreams may spark a little fear, this is okay though because a little fear is known to make you feel more alive. Dreams are within all of us, big or small, achievable or not. Without putting any effort into those dreams, success will not be realistic. Anyone can have a dream, but you have to continually pursue these dreams and hope that it will make you feel accomplished in life. If you have big dreams, tremendous effort is required, as well as the ability to learn from mistakes. Without some sort of failure it is hard for anyone to be able to eventually become successful. Albert Einstein failed thousands of times, but he eventually succeeded and became one of the most famous scientists in modern history. All dreams require effort and will not happen automatically, no matter how small. If your goal is to get an A in a class, you still have to put forth a valiant effort. You also have to learn to take the risks involved in chasing dreams. Taking a risk shows confidence and makes you stand out. You learn from the risks you take and you can’t usually achieve success by playing it safe. Without dedication to your dreams success is not an option.
Only a select few motivate themselves to complete their dreams and succeed. Most people who have dreams and achieve success are very diverse individuals. Dreams and success are only accomplished and kept through hard work. We must make sure to remember to keep our heads up through the trials and tribulations that life throws at us because dreams are not made over night and do not come easily.

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