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How Environment Plays a Role in Learning

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How Environment Plays a Role in Learning

Eric Williams

College 100

American Military University
Catherine Ellenwood
This paper examines the quantitative effects that the learning environment has on the success and or failure of today’s student. The two basic factors that make up and comprise the learning environment are addressed, with elaboration given on how they negatively or constructively assist the modern student in his or her academic progression. A number of important facets key to a successful learning environment are addressed that are critical in ensuring that the learner is comfortable and undergos the most optimum learning experience available. Explanation is also given on how to improve the learning environment to support the student’s constant changing needs.

How Environment Plays a Role in Learning In order for the student to develop his or her cognitive skills and successfully engage in the learning process, they must be immersed in a learning environment designed and well suited to properly stimulate them in their academic development. The effect that the learning environment has on the student, whether it’s the physical effect or the psychosocial effect, can’t be overstated asserts Dr. B.J. Fraser (as cited in Amirul, Ahmad, Yahya, Abdullah, Adnan and Noh, 2013, para. 2 ). Maintaining a positive learning environment that promotes active, progressive education is of the utmost importance. Ensuring that suitable and adequate classroom cleanliness, materials, furniture, lighting, temperature, noise levels, are up to par and available along with supporting up to date technological integration, is key in guaranteeing an academic setting that will allow the student to feel comfortable, at the same time fostering that essential student to student and student to teacher relationship. Also this will serve well to…...

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