How Evidence Based Practice Is Applied in My Health Care Practice Setting.

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How Evidence based practice is applied in my health care practice setting.
In everyday nursing practice, nurses are encouraged to incorporate and utilize evident base practice in their day to day nursing care. Evidence-based practice is using scientific evidence to determine best practice. Scientific evidence is important in clinical decision making. EBP is very relevant and critical in today’s clinical and nursing practice and it is evident in quality care. It is used to attain best clinical outcomes. For the following reasons, the process of EBP has to be monitored through ongoing quality monitoring and improvement.
Nurses in all patient care setting should apply EBP to their day to day nursing intervention, implementation and evaluation of nursing practice. The goal of evidence based practice in nursing leads to cost efficiency, time efficiency, quality patient care. It is used to improve practice, using interventions to reach desired patient outcome by looking at a problem area. EBP gives my nursing setting knowledge and information of evidence needed to care for patients from diverse backgrounds necessary to improve health outcomes. In clinical setting, developing and initial implementation of evidence based practice involves a lot of processes and strategies.
An example of evidence based practice in my in my work setting is hourly rounding. The introduction and implementation of hourly rounding in my hospital setting has lead to good patient outcome, patient satisfaction and reduction in patient using call lights continuously. Patient needs are met in a timely manner, this address what we refer to as the 3ps, which means pain, potty. This became part of staff, it was a very effective system. This helped nurses to anticipate and address patient’s needs in a timely manner, leading to patient safety. There was drastic reduction in patient fall rate. Hourly…...