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How Far Did Alexander Iii Strengthen Tsarism?

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How far did Alexander III strengthen Tsarism?
It is possible say that Alexander III strengthened Tsarism because he reversed the policies of his father and enforced his policies of “Russification”. Alexander III believed that the policies of his father had led to the decline in authority of the regime, and that it was this that led to his father’s assassination. Through “Russification” (the attempt to consolidate Russian identity) Alexander III asserted the Russian Culture and Language throughout its region. This was mainly achieved through repression and it helped strengthen the control of the regime. On the other hand revolutionary activity became increasingly violent. The People’s Will was re-formed in 1886. The group was committed to assassinating key figures in the tsar’s regime and there was a failed attempt to assassinate Alexander in 1987. There was continuing liberal opposition to the regime and a preference for Marxist ideas.
It is therefore possible say that Alexander III strengthened Tsarism through reforms. Alexander was influenced in his opinions by many people. One such great influence was Konstantine Pobedonostev, his tutor. He was a reactionary that encouraged Alexander III to reject liberal ideas and to see tsarism and the best form of governance. Others included members of the aristocracy and army. Alexander wanted to therefore reverse his father’s policies in order to avoid his father’s fate, by strengthening Tsarism. It was not possible to reverse the emancipation of the serfs but it was possible to reverse the power of the zemstvo. Their powers were noticeably restricted and handed to the Ministry of the Interior in the Zemstva Act. This allowed the ministry to place more nobles into the zemstva’s that supported the regime. On the other hand some reforms such as the abolishment of the poll tax in 1886 improved the standard of living for…...

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