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How Far Do Sources 1, 2 and 3 Suggest That in the Years 1945-59, the Conservative and Labour Parties Held Radically Different Views on the Nationalisation of British Industry? (20 Marks)

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How far do sources 1, 2 and 3 suggest that in the years 1945-59, the Conservative and Labour parties held radically different views on the nationalisation of British industry? (20 marks)
Between the years of 1945 and 1959, there was much speculation as to whether or not there was a consensus or conflict between the Labour and Conservative parties in regards to their views on Nationalisation. Sources 1 and 3 completely disagree with each other. On the one hand, the first source is Clement Attlee, the leader of the Labour party in 1945, saying that something has to be done and that nationalisation is the way. Contrastingly, source 3 is from the Conservative party manifesto. It chooses privation over nationalisation, and therefore presents both parties as holding radically different views on the British industry, each with their own ideas. However, source 2 offers a variegated approach, with Hugh Gaitskell, the leader of the Labour party in 1959, showing the parties as having less radically different views, as he talks about a mixed economy, private and national, being perhaps a wise move on behalf of the government.
Sources 1 and 3 agree, overall, that both the Labour and Conservative parties held radically different views on the nationalisation of British industry. Source 1 was taken from a speech by Clement Attlee, the leader of the labour party at the time. In 1945, the country was in economic ruin and a social divide was severely evident. Clement Attlee, alongside the Labour party, believed that Nationalisation was the only way forward because of these issues. Similarly, the fact that he’s responding to an ‘attack by Winston Churchill’, as the origin of the course shows, presents the idea that because of their completely dissimilar opinions, Attlee would be trying to prove his point. In source 1, the use of the word ‘attack’ also shows a very negative response...

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