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How Films Communicate

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How Films Communicate

Movie: Secondhand Lions, 2003

Time and Place: This movie is set back in 1962 in the Texas countryside. The house where Walter is staying with his great-uncles is a worn down ranch style home. It looks very poor and there are not many modern-looking things inside the house to include a T.V. His great-uncles are very reclusive and do not have many visitors except the brave salesman that stop by to try to sell them things.

Costume: Their clothes are worn out looking and seem to be the wrong size half of the time. They are baggy pants with plain looking button up shirts with suspenders holding everything together. Their boots are old and worn out looking, something you would typically see on a farm style ranch.

Set Design: The set, except for a few scenes are mostly taken outside the house in their corn field, barn or front porch. The barn and porch seem to be falling apart and continue to give you the sense that these uncles don't take care of their house.

Describe the atmosphere created by the combination of film elements and how they contributed o your liking or disliking the movie: The atmosphere created is that of a poor family living back in the 1960's. The house that they live in is worn down and it seems everything else around them looks as if it want to fall apart as well. The characters do a great job with portraying their certain characters and characteristics and make you think you are actually back in time. With all things combined I really enjoyed the movie and liked how most of it was filmed outside and in a free kind of set.

The Technical Language of Film

Field of Dreams, 1989

I think with this movie the cinematography added a lot to the value of my experience. There were beautiful angles of the crops at dusk and gorgeous shots of the sky during mid day. Also when there was a sentimental moment…...

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