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How Hardware and Sofware Is Used to Create and Edit Graphics

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How is hardware& software used to create& edit graphics?
How is hardware& software used to create& edit graphics?

In this assignment I will be explaining how hardware and software is used to create and edit graphics. Not only will I be explain how hardware and software is used to create and edit graphics but I will be explain what hardware is how it has an impact on creating and editing graphics and what software is and how that has an impact on creating and editing graphics. I will also be explaining what the best soft wares are for not only making graphics but why we need software’s to create make and edit graphics. Also equipment needed are we going to need more than one monitor to create and edit graphics is the fact that we want to spend less on computer technology or is it we want to spend high as possible to get the best tools to create and edit graphics. Are hard drives essential? If it is how many hard drives do we need to save our precious work?
What is hardware? Well hardware is somewhere you can save your work. Sometimes it’s better to have two hard drives. However a hard drive which has stopped rotates at standard hard drives rotate at 5400 RPM. However at standard 7200 is something that allows you save your work and also retrieve your work. Now the faster the hard drives rotates the faster the files will get to the hard drive and also you will be able to make more changes. a hardware is something which is described as a device that is just physically connected to your computer. In hardware it would contain a circuit board and some other electronics. A fantastic example of hardware would be a monitor which is an output device which would allow a user to interface visually with the computer. Also without any hard drive in your computer, your computer wouldn’t exist. Why do we need a hard drive? Well a reason of why we need a hard...

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