How Has the Economy Affected Federal Workers

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How has the Economy Affected The Way Federal Managers Reward Their Staff?
Tonya R. Johnson
University of Maryland University College
Professor Kuyatt

Executive Summary This research paper provides an analysis and evaluation of the current state of the federal government budget and how federal employees are being affected. The methods of analysis include information on causes of the financial crisis the government is experiencing, the impact, program cuts and the burden it is having on federal workers including low morale. Other information show the various programs cut over the past 3 years and how employees are coping with this stress of footing the bill for the American people. Results of information provided show how employers can be creative and reward their staff in other ways besides monetary. Time-off awards in the form of 59 minutes, offsite work retreats used as team building exercises, and thank you and little awards from managers to show their employees appreciation and how they are valued. This research paper shows the difficulties managers face in tough economic times, but provides examples on how managers can turn situations that look hopeless in positive elements. Recommendations included: providing valuable feedback, discussing how best to deal with the work, allowing employees to be part of developing a solution to accomplish the mission, listening to their concerns and rewarding them no matter how small for their efforts. This research paper also shows that this was only one way a manager dealt with the current economic crisis of her agency, but there are other ways to be creative and reward your staff in tough times. The only limitations that mangers have on rewarding their staff are the limitations they put on themselves.

The financial crisis that began in 2008 was considered the worst of its kind since the great…...

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