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How Has the World Changed in the Last 40 Years

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Megan Wieda
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Management Practices
8 January 2014
First Night Assignment
How The World Has Changed In The Last Forty Years The world has vastly changed over the last forty years and even before that. Some aspects have changed for the good while other aspects have changed for the worse, but there’s no denying that the world has indeed changed. The world has changed in aspects such as technology, science, medical, social norms, and even politics. No one knew how things were going to change, year by year, but everyone took a part in helping the changes happen, no matter how small their part may have been. These changes have affected humanity in various degrees. If we look at the technology and medical changes these have made human life easier on a daily basis. It we look at changes made in technology those are the most drastic ones that have occurred. The invention of the Internet was one of the most groundbreaking innovations of the last forty years. The invention of Netscape as the first Internet browser was a groundbreaking installment in the technological universe. This innovative thought that someone dreamed up and created led the way on a new frontier for technological capabilities to expand and be born. Because of these new capabilities with technology new items and concepts have emerged. Forty years ago everyone did not have cell phones to carry around. People did not have computers they were able to carry around with them. People did not have tablets they could check their email on, listen to music on, or update their FaceBook status on. The Internet has various advantages, but just as many disadvantages. Having the Internet allows for a faster, more efficient flow of communication. People can send emails to anyone in a matter of seconds. Now families and friends that are far apart can message each other and have whole conversations via…...

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