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How Have Some Chinese Companies Achieved Success in Foreign Markets?

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How have some Chinese companies achieved success in foreign markets?


China is a sleeping dragon, who will tremble the world if she awakes. (Teagarden and Cai, 2009, P73). Since China open the door to welcome the world in 1978, many companies start to be built up, and the economy of the country becomes better and better. 2001,China joined WTO, which enable China move forward in the road of globalization. And now, the western country and America can not ignore this huge “thing”, they start to realize the importance of cooperating with China. This essay will discuss what successes have some Chinese companies achieved and how they made it.

2.Examples of Chinese companies

There are many Chinese companies seeking for opportunities to make a step overseas, and Lenovo is one of the most successful one. According to Teagarden and Cai (2009, P74), Lenovo is a brand funded by an engineer named Liu Chuanzhi and other 10 engineers who are following him. Lenovo started its business from producing personal computer. Now, it occupy the first place of Chinese and the fourth place of the world’s personal computer manufacturer.

And the second example is Huawei, Teagarden and Cai (2009, P74) state that the previous army officer Ren Zhengfei creates Huawei in 1988. This company is focus on manufacturing software and hardware of telecommunications equipment. Besides, they have many labs in India, America and Russia; they consider the research in the technology is the most important thing for the development of the organization. And that’s why Huawei can be this kind of successful. Now it has become a major competitor in the IT field.

3. The advantages of Chinese companies

As we all know, China has the largest population in the world, and this means cheap labor. This factor makes the possible that China can have many people work for the companies without...

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