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How Humans Have Affedted the Antartic Food Web

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Case-In-Point Analysis
Bernetta Moss
Environmental Issues and Ethics/SCI362
February 24, 2012
Instructor: Brandy Schroeder

Case-In-Point Analysis Antarctica is certainly the most pristine environment left on the earth. Unfortunately this is no longer the case because of multiple human activities that have led to environmental issues and concerns such as pollution, ozone layer thinning, global warming etc. Human impact is a serious threat to ecosystem and food chain of Antarctica. In the last few decades, various marine species of Antarctic ecosystem have been brought close to extinction because of human activities in various forms such as pollution from sewage and other contaminants, overfishing and other mixed activities and interference like global climate change caused by human emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, ozone layer depletion, global warming etc. This all leads to damage of food web and ecosystem of the Antarctica. Another serious impact of emission of carbon dioxide is ocean acidification, which is serious damage to the marine ecosystem of Antarctica. These activities are the main causes of disturbed environment of marine ecosystem of Antarctica. Another factor contributing to Antarctica's ecosystem disturbance is the commercial aspect of human activities. Human are harvesting krill to feed their animals and fishes which is negatively affecting the ecosystem of Antarctica. It is affecting the volume of krill and other fishes which are important source of food chain of Antarctica. Because of less krill, food chain of Antarctica is getting disturbed. Researches have shown that due to global warming, sea temperate is rising and cause less formation of ice packs during the winters. It is affecting the marine creatures and causing few species to extinct and few to adapt according to the increased temperature. Below are the...

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