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How I Became a Feminist

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Margot Heraud
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Subject: Feminism.

The way I became who I am isn’t the usual way we become someone. My dad and uncle raised me in the middle of a French restaurant kitchen with no real feminine influence. I would spend my days off in the kitchen, mostly helping out, but it was also the place where I would do my homework after school, where my dad and I would pretend to fight with wood spoons. This kitchen was one of the most familiar places I had ever known but it was also where I would escape. My mother was dealing with illness at that time, until I was about 11 but life couldn’t stop; my friends at schools were mostly boys and, as I grew up, I was more familiar with soccer and kickboxing than classical dancing. Soccer in France is mostly for boys anyway and since there was no girls’ team, that’s where I ended up, and I loved it. I felt more familiar around boys because they weren’t complicated. I didn’t mind bruises or being sweaty or even fighting, it was what I was made of. Being a girl and girl’s values was totally foreign to me. Until that time where a teenager becomes a young woman, I tried to discover my real identity and what I believed in, which is when I started reading some feminist novels and related myself to them. I believe that feminism is not only a movement; it can also be a certain kind of identity. My country has always been known to be faithful to our equality values that funded our republic. Some actions has been taken, on our territory and were directed towards women of all age and all the social categories that needed their rights protected. When the law passed in 2010 forbidding the hiding of the face in public spaces. I believe it is a law that preserves women’s dignity because this practice ends up for some of them as a constraint. The way women emancipated themselves and took a significant role in…...

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