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How I Feel About People Who Copy My Concepts, Ideas, and Even Content

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How I feel about people who copy my concepts, ideas, and even content
How do you feel when people copy your ideas, concepts, and content? I know this question evokes mixed reactions. For instance, some people are proud to have their intellectual information copied even though such copying does not credit them. Such people are proud because they like helping people. On the other hand, there are those that are extremely jealous when people copy their ideas, concepts, and contents. To be honest with you, I happen to be in this category.
I hate it when people copy my intellectual ideas without seeking my consent. I consider copying my intellectual property as theft. I never come to terms with whatever reason a person can claim for copying my work. I detest when people copy my ideas, concepts and content such that if I were the jury in a suit against them, I consider hanging as the most appropriate judgment. I hate people who copy my intellectual ideas and concepts because they put your ideas as if they are the original people behind the idea. These people who nothing else than to copy paste kill my morale. They kill my enthusiasm to generate new ideas because I know they will copy any new idea I develop and they will not mind passing credit where it is due. However, coming up with new ideas is what I do best. I generate new ideas by default and it is only a matter of time before I come up with a way of catching these thieves.
Once is find my ideas copied, I wonder when will there be strict laws and regulations that will protect the ideas and concepts of the creative people. Although not all of us are creative, I believe that people can do better than copy pasting other people’s ideas. Furthermore, I believe every person is gifted in one way or another. Therefore, if you cannot produce unique ideas in a certain field such as blogging, you should consider evaluating your...

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