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How I Learned Essay
In the beginning I was debating on should I go to school or just stay at home, and just stick to playing the organ at church. Something in my head told me to go ahead to go back to school so I can further my education. Since I love to be on the computer all the time I decided to find something to do with computers. When I heard my brother and my friend came in the house talking about Brown Mackie College. I looked in the book and then that’s when I saw Information Technology I knew it would be something very interesting when I looked at the courses.
The first day of class in Professional Development, the first thing I learned how to get out of my box. Because I have always been scared to get out of my box, I never got a chance to make any friends, or got to know most of my teachers in school. This class has helped me out a lot, because I have got a chance to get to know my fellow classmates and made new friends. Getting out of my box gave me confidence that I really need. Stepping out of my box has shown me that I can make friends on campus and off campus.

Second, we talked about in class was “What exactly is Success in College”. Success in College to me is really a challenge for me. All because I was used to being at home, and just going to church, I didn’t think about going back to College. I have already succeeded because I had enough courage to go back to school and further my education. Here my keys to be Successful in College:
1. Showing up to my class. 2. Put a daily schedule together and stick to it. 3. Find some classmates to form a study group. 4. Talk to my instructor outside the classroom. 5. Improve my thinking skills. 6. Have a encourage mind. 7. Be realistic about my expectation.
See if I follow these steps they help me to become successful in college.

Third, I learned how the learning cycles and learning styles works....

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