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How Males and Females Shold Interact

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How Males and Females Should Interact. The main purpose of what you are about to read is to be inform people of something important which they do not seem to know. How to act around the opposite sex and how that will help form you a healthy relationship with them. First it is important to see what a healthy relationship looks like from an outside perspective. Next you will figure out what you could improve to make a more healthy relationship. You will learn about what our media makes it seem like people feel they have to do to get into a relationship. Most people around the age most likely to be looking for that special someone do not realize that there are other ways to go about it. You will also need to know how to talk, and use your body language to your benefit while interacting with others. It is interesting how the smallest subtleties are able to make such a big difference in how others view you. How others view you effects what social classification you end up in. This makes it very important to watch carefully and see how you portray yourself in the community. When you look into your own mind and try and pull out a successful relationship what do you picture? Chances are a good looking couple is part of the picture. While yes, it is important to be attracted to one another, it is not what your world should evolve around. When I picture a healthy partnership I see two people with positive energy surrounding them. I see both parties engaged in the relationship. I see their bond to one another as a priority in life. Each person has their alone time, it is important to respect boundaries. If there is not growth in the lives of both individuals, it can be unhealthy as well. They show respect to one another. To live with anyone you respect of course there can be no abuse, whether it be verbal or physical. It is important for each partner to realize they are an equal to the one they care for. Where one may lack, the other may help. I believe it is important for partners to be connected on an emotional level. A way to think of this would be to put yourself in their shoes, see what they see, hear what they hear. I do not believe that you fully know who someone is until you connect with the way they feel. It is with this connection that you can truly help someone who is in need of uplifting. Lets take a step inside a relationship, and see what each partner should do to keep it thriving. Having disagreements while spending any long amount of time with another human being is just part of life. Do not expect “The one for you” to agree with you on every level. In a healthy relationship you should be talking over disagreements. Yelling at one another to try and solve life’s little problems is immature on many levels, it escalates the situation, it wastes your energy, and neither party gain something from it. It is important for you to say the word “no” when you feel it is important. Having a backbone can stop you from becoming someone you are not. Remember that it should not be the goal of your partner to change who you are, but to accept who you are. Your love for one another should be known as what some refer to as unconditional. Unconditional love is when you do not need to be rewarded for you to show affection. It is when you do not expect that things are to be done, but rather appreciate the fact when these things are done. Honesty is a big role as well. First you have to be honest with yourself, then this creates room for you to be honest with your partner. It would be a difficult life wondering whether every other sentence coming out of their mouth is fact, or fiction. Being intimate is an important characteristic of a relationship. Intimacy can boost moral, and can make a deeper connection grow. To have a healthy relationship the most important thing you can do is pick a partner carefully. This requires a little selfishness, it requires you to be aware of your personal actions, and it helps if you know what to look out for when browsing for a potential match. A good place to start is to take a good look at yourself. Are you ready to commit to someone? Are you prepared to put in the effort needed to learn who someone really is? Do you have the patience to wade through person after person not letting sexual urges take over before you truly know them? Is a relationship what you are actually looking for? The media shows a relationship as a hot and heavy feeling that swarms over you, and you just know with out a doubt that this person is the one for you. The greatest problem I find with this is that these feelings truly do exist. Where the media companies have gone wrong is letting the populous believe that this is “love.” THIS IS KNOWN AS LUST. Lust and love although can be felt toward the same individual are different things entirely. Lust is what first brings your attention to the other sex, it is the feeling we recognize when visually looking at people... it is almost overwhelming at times. Love comes from the heart. It is truly appreciating the individual in their entirety. A good way to discover true love is to back away from the lustful feelings. People notice the little things. Try looking into peoples eyes when talking to them. Try and not judge people based on what they look like. Make friends with someone who is not extremely attractive. If you cannot get along with their mind, how to you expect to last? What if they lose a finger? You cannot base unconditional love off purely looks alone. You will find yourself forever disappointed. My personal favorite way to think of a relationship is an everlasting friendship. Find a friend of the opposite sex worth keeping and try to leave it there for a while. Sometimes a simple title can completely change how one acts. Once you do decide to take it further try and remember to be yourself.
With these few guidelines you greatly increase your chances of having a happy successful relationship. I am not trying to say all will be perfect, but remember if you do have a partner that supports you, you are able to change things for the better. You can grow off one another, building each others simple ideas to great ideas. If I can get you to take home one piece of knowledge with you today I would like you to remember this. Who you associate with is a part of you. It is important to not only be wise in choosing someone to spend your time with, but be extremely selfish in this choice as well. The process can be long, time consuming, and hard for your brain to process. Just remember to keep your chin up, Self worth is all you have to show, and it is most of what the world sees as well.

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