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How Marx Changed the Orld

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Selecting a strong research paper topic often daunts students. The key to writing a good research paper is finding a topic that interests you and focusing your research on a specific question. Social studies research encompasses the fields of history, sociology, political science, religion, psychology, civics and anthropology. Extend previous research in these areas by asking a new question or exploring a social issue.
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Topics for Qualitative Research

A List of Research Paper Topics

1.Civil Rights
◦The civil rights movement was at its peak in the 1960s, ultimately resulting in laws abolishing discriminatory hiring and education practices. Possible research paper topics may focus on the role of individuals or groups that affected the outcome of the movement. The contributions of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, the Black Panther Party, the Weathermen, the Brown Berets or Jesse Jackson to civil rights demonstrations and legislation may be appropriate paper topics.

2.Cultural History
◦Social studies classes often explore the contributions of certain cultures in history. Focus on Native American culture by writing about the Trail of Tears, Paleoindian tool development, cooperation between colonists and Native Americans, the effects of the reservation system or Native American participation in the U.S. military. Other possible social studies papers may focus on Mayan culture, scientific advances in early Islamic cultures, the creation of the pyramids in ancient Egypt or the ways in which European traditions shaped American culture.

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3.Personal Freedoms
◦If you are interested in political or social issues, consider researching a particular issue that affects personal freedoms. The legalization of…...

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