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How Npa Can Be Reduced

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1) Repayment of loans:
Repayment of term loans depends on income generating capacity of the borrowing concern. A unit, which does not earn profits, may repay a few repayments. Therefore it is necessary to fix repayment schedule for a term loan according to income generating capacity of the unit. If repayment profit, possibility may be explored in consultation with the borrowers, for replacement of the loan installments. The classification of the assets may improve, if the performance of the loan account remains satisfactory for two years after repayment. It may be mentioned that repayment of the loan installments should be done only when it is expected to get payment after the repayment.

2) Rehabilitation of Potentially viable units:
If a sick unit is potentially viable, necessary efforts should be made to finalize the rehabilitation package without loss of time. Provisions need not be made for a period of one year from the date of disbursement in respect of additional facilities sanctioned under rehabilitation packages approved by BIFRV term lending institutions. If the rehabilitation program runs smoothly, it may be necessary to make provision even after one year for additional facilities provided statutory auditors are also satisfied about the progress of rehabilitation programmed.
If the unit becomes viable the entire outstanding will become standard assets. Although the rehabilitation of sick units is long drawn procedure, it may be encouraged where units are potentially viable and the management is reliable. However non-viable sick units should be liquidated to get funds for recycling j without avoidable loss of time in decision-making. 3) Acquisition of sick unit by healthy units:
If a healthy unit acquires a…...

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