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How Rock N' Roll Changed America

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How Rock n’ Roll Changed America
Music has been an influence on all people for years now. The music of rock n roll in the 1950s impacted all music genres then and today. Glenn C. Altschuler’s book, All Shook Up: How Rock n’ Roll Changed America, elaborated on how this era changed the view on music through race and sexuality. There were many problems that were caused between the two generations during the 1950s era because of the music influences of rock n’ roll. Whites were refraining their children from listening to such music that the teenagers enjoyed, for they did not want them to listen to black artists or bring out any sexuality they might have.
Race and sexuality have been touchy subjects that make so many people uncomfortable and skeptical on accepting it just as is. Music and musicians during the times of the rock n roll ages of the 1950’s brought these delicate subjects out. Rock n’ roll was seen as a way of symbolizing black empowerment to the whites. Altschuler talks about how it was a moment where Black people were beginning to identify and assert themselves racially (35-37).
During this time white older folks were very familiarized to separating blacks and whites. Doing such other made the folks upset and uncomfortable. They felt rock n’ roll was mixing and bringing the races together. There was a saying that was called “jungle music”, that meant the rock n roll music performed by the black race was causing young white teens to become disobedient and lose their morals. The young white teenagers were entertained by the rock n roll music that brought the civil rights movement to a higher point causing tension to aggrandize.
The rock n’ roll genre of music had many black artists who were some of the best during this time and a lot of whites were not having it. Performers that were African American, like Chuck Berry and Little Richard are perfect...

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