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How Science Has Changed Our World

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Science has changed our world in many different ways, such as transportation, the telephone, and the computer. Of course these are the most obvious of technology, but there are more things that can relate to technology in a good way. Science will most likely keep improving as time goes by, and if people keep thinking of ideas. Without creativity in the world we wouldn’t have had this amazing technology that we have today. This is why technology will keep advancing as long as we keep thinking of stuff that will make our lives easier.
Science and technology has changed our world in many good ways; for instance, transportation, such as the car, and airplanes. There are other more useful forms of technology such as the computer, telephone and other forms of communication. Telephones have become more advanced over the years; the cell phone is an example of this. These also became more advance, making a more interactive, hand held, touch screen device. This advancement led to Skype, a program that allows you to talk to other people face to face, long distance. These are the most fundamental of technology that we use often today. But before this, life was different.
Before the modern technological advancements, people used stone tools to defend themselves, cook, and discover. This is what led to the Iron Age, where people discovered the technology of smelting iron, which replaced bronze. As technology advanced even more, they used iron and bronze to make weapons to go to war with other countries. As nations grew larger, it led to people having more ideas for making life easier.
Science has led to the discovery of medicine, so people could live longer thus, increasing the birth rate rather than the death rate. Today, the birth rate is much higher than it used to be considering it was lower than the death rate at the time. Unfortunately, we still haven’t found a reliable cure for cancer yet, but there are short term treatments such as chemotherapy. This has helped people live much longer with cancer, also in some cases cured them. Other viruses such as HIV or AIDS still don’t have a cure yet. Also advancements in medications have helped prolong life with people living with AIDS and HIV, but hopefully more technological advancement and further studies of the viruses will lead to a cure.
Science has helped us in many ways, whether it’s being able to go to places faster, or keeping us alive, it hasn’t let us down yet. If science and technology keeps advancing, who knows what we will have in the future. The rate of people being born will increase as time goes on as long as we keep ourselves healthy. One day transportation will be much more eco-friendly, and cellphones even more advanced. Science and technology has changed our world in the best ways possible.

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