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How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Companies

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How Smart, Connected Products are Transforming Companies How long has it been since you last looked at your cell phone? Has it been 15 minutes? Maybe 10 minutes; for some of us it has only been five minutes and even others have looked at their cell phone within the past minute or two. Smart products are changing the way we live. They make many things that were once difficult, as easy as pushing a button or swiping across a touch screen. This not only helps us in our personal lives, but this also translates into businesses as well. There are many different advantages that smart, connected products can bring to the workplace. This paper will discuss several different aspects to the change in the workplace that occurs when smart connected products are introduced to the workforce. These topics include the following: how to restructure the workforce to best utilize the new resources, how to train the employees, the impact this will have on the size of workforce required, and lastly how it will affect the workflow. These main ideas as well as some smaller points will be the main points of discussion throughout this assignment. The first topic for discussion shall be how these products are affecting the workforce. Smart, connected products are having a rather large effect on the workforce in today’s businesses. A perfect example of this, would be in a modern manufacturing plant. (Lerch and Gotsch, 49) With the addition of connected assembly lines, there are now much fewer accidents in manufacturing plants than there used to be. Many pieces of the assembly process can now be programmed to perform self- diagnostics and detect when a fatal error is about to occur. This piece of connected machinery can then proceed to send information to the hub, which then will send a message to a repair team to fix the problem before it becomes a dangerous situation. As…...

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