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How Smartphone Impact on Professional and Career Development

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01. Introduction 2 1.1. Research Problem 3 1.2. Research Questions 4 1.3. Research Objectives 4 02. Literature review 4 2.1 Define career development 4 2.2 Define professional development 4 2.3 Define Smartphone 4 2.4 Theories applied 5 2.5 Key Literature Review 5 2.6 Conceptual Model 10 2.7 Hypothesis 10 03. Methodology 11 3.1 Problem statement 12 3.2 Research objectives 12 3.3 Population and samples 13 3.4 Data collection Methods 14 3.5 Questionnaire design 14 3.6 Data analysis techniques 19 3.7 Assumptions and limitations 20 04. Research findings 20 4.1 Analyze question by question 21 4.2 Analyze on rated questions 28 4.3 Correlation testing 30 4.4 Objective testing 38 4.5 Hypothesis testing 39 05. Conclusion 41 06. References 43 07. Appendices 46

01. Introduction
In the 1980's, the personal computer became the technological advancement that changed our lives. It allowed us to collect, store, and analyze large amounts of data with ease. In the 1990's, the Internet gave us the mechanism by which we could share massive amounts of information with one another. As we begin the 21st century, the Smartphone has quenched thirst for instantaneous connectivity. The growth in Smartphone use has been phenomenal. The CNN reports that 269.9 million Smartphones were purchased internationally in 2010 and that in 2011 a half a billion Smartphones may be purchased worldwide (Weintraub, 2010). Nielsen projects that Smartphones will become the majority of cell phones in use by the end of 2011. Morgan Stanley Research forecasts that Smartphone sales will exceed those of the PC in 2012 (Brownlow, 2011). The Smartphone has many more functions and uses than the traditional cell phone. The Smartphone allows its owners to e-mail, surf the web, play music and games, and perform a variety of other functions. Google now has $1 billion...

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