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How Smartphones Affect Relationships

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Technology: How Smartphones and Social Networking Have Changed Our Parental Relationships Audience and Accommodation: My audience is going to be the parents. I am targeting them so they know that in order to keep up with their children who have gone off to college, they understand how powerful smartphones are, how we use them to communicate with them, and how there may be better ways to stay in touch. Hook: My hook is going to be a personal reflection on how I stay in communication with my parents with my smartphone. (Ms. Griffiths told me to do this) Stable Context: This is where I talk about smartphones, and then give background on how relationships are formed and maintained throughout what I will later describe as emerging adulthood with parents. Destabilizing Condition: With the rise in technology, smartphones, and social networking sites, I don’t think that some forms of technology, in particular social networking sites, are the best way to stay in touch. Main Claim: My main claim is that the relationship between the emerging adult and the parent should not be solely based on technology. If the parent doesn’t have social networking site profiles, then they need to adjust to what the emerging adult wants to communicate by in order to maintain a stable relationship. Significance: With so many different forms of communication now, not all are beneficial to the emerging adult. Relationships that are formed and maintained online are not the same as ones that are in person or through personable means, such as on the phone or Skype. Road Map: I will deal with my paper in a part-to-part format. Move 1: I need to define emerging adulthood as well as the way that relationships between the emerging adults and parents are formed. Sub-Claim 1: The relationship between these two groups seems to get better. The emerging adult...

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...Smartphones and Younger Generation In 2011, Tim Pike discussed the increasing amount of younger generation using smartphones nowadays in the article “How smartphones technology affects society.” (Pike, 2011). Pike wrote: “The advantage of a smartphone is the advent of fastest connection and a transfer speed, which means; potentially children can always be instantly connected”. In other words, smartphones help parents be aware of what children do, tighten the connection between parents and children, and increase their safeness wherever they are. Personally, I disagree with the author’s point that with the common of smartphones using, children could be safer with a smartphone and could be connected immediately. It is true to say that smartphones help people communicate instantly, no matter where you are. However, it is not necessary for a child to own a smartphone. In fact, it is not safe at all to have a child separated from their parents, go on their own and have a smartphone to contact to their parents. They always need to have adults with them if their parents busy and couldn’t take care of their children. Following a recent survey lead by mobile service provider Zact found that 56% of 10-to-13-year-old children own a smartphone, 25% of 2-to-5-year-old children also have a smartphone. It’s not reasonable and sensible to give children a smartphone in that age if they are accompanied by the adult. Smartphone will disrupt the bond between children and parents more than help...

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