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How Something Can Come from “Nothing”

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Conforming our beliefs to the evidence of reality is a hard transition for most. Unraveling the deep truths about our origins in this universe is confronting the very foundations of our society’s historic religious establishments. Could modern science bring us closer to a true pantheistic god of beauty, or destroy all notions of a sense of purpose (Krauss, 2012)? Regardless of your faith, the laws of physics are proving every day that something can come from nothing.

A god of the gaps is probably the most common, as well as most elementary, argument for debating science vs. religion. This idea is simply employing a divine meaning to things that science has no answer to. It is often a question of why, and assumes purpose to everything. One thing that science cannot refute is a purpose to our world. It is scientifically inert, that is to say that there is no plausible way to test its predictions.

The scientific method is just field testing the observable world we see around us. We are all naturally inquisitive; we thrive to find our “purpose” in the world. But this, I believe, is simply a limit to our senses.

When there are questions that science cannot answer, such as why we came to be, skeptics often say that it is outside the bounds of our universe. This, to me, is just a lazy answer. The god of the gaps is a “fill in the blank” answer to everything that has been so far, untestable. This does not mean that anybody has the right to invoke a spiritual meaning, or a majestic god to explain things. This explanation opens far more doors of unanswerable questions that frankly, are irrational to believe in.

How, by definition, means in what manner, or by what means (“how”, 2016). Why is defined as; for what reason, cause, or purpose (“why”, 2016). These are two very distinct meanings; again one invokes a purpose, where the other is...

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