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How Technology and Social Media Control Children and Adolescents

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Neyva Hernandez
Jeffery Runyon
December 11, 2013
How Technology and Social Media Control Children and Adolescents Incredibly many people look at their phones throughout the day to see if they have a text-message, email, notification from social media, missed calls, or simply just because it has become an addiction. Technology has been changing over the years, and new apps and newer upgrades for electronic devices are being developed. High tech is advancing at an incredible rate. Consider how technology has expanded and evolved in the last ten years. How to manage this new phenomenon was not taught to us as children because it did not exist. Many children and adolescents born in the 20th century cannot imagine their lives without TV, smart phones, computers, tablets, or iPods and many other devices; youth have technology surrounding them. As a result, many of the young people raised in the world of technology do not have the same level of emotional skills of those ten or more years ago. Adolescents and children depend on the Internet more than on themselves. They no longer have the same innovativeness. Obesity and cyber bulling has increased over the years. More suicides have occurred. Those who are exposed to violent video games, movies and TV programs have shown aggression. However, parents do not realize how those devices affect their child’s development. Social media already affects many adults; now think about how strongly modern technology affects toddlers and juveniles. High tech devices are damaging our brains more than benefiting us; children and adolescents do not have control over their phones, computers, and video games any more, as adults we need to recognize the devastating that these devices can be for juveniles. Social media is affecting people mentally and physically, and without a doubt has an effect on adolescents of today’s...

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