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How Teen Mothers Describe Dating Violence

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How Teen Mothers Describe dating Violence

This paper will examine Teen Dating Violence (TDV) from the perspective of pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers. TDV is recognized as a major current public health issue threatening youth and is even more prevalence during pregnancy and parenting (Herman, 2013). The task of parenting and the stress that comes with pregnancy are two psychological issues that are beyond the capabilities of the adolescent’s period. Dealing with these stressors often leads to TDV with adolescent parents. Throughout this paper I will discuss the viewpoints of selected teen mothers and pregnant teens, their thoughts on the causes, and their suggestions on how to stop or reduce TDV. The method used to collect the data will also be analyzed, the research limitations will be discussed, and the impacts of the research result on the nursing profession will be elaborated. Teenagers have the most understanding of their age group; therefore, the thoughts and experiences of young mothers will be useful in the development prevention strategies specific to their needs (Herman, 2013) Key words: teen dating violence, pregnant and parenting teens, interpersonal violence

TDV can be defined as any negative use of power or control in teenage relationships. Development tasks of the adolescent period, hurdles for all adolescents, are even more complex when teens confront pregnancy and parenting and may predispose them to violent relationships (Herman, 2013). The hurdles associated with being a teenage mother are far greater than those of grown up women. Pregnant adolescents may be abused at higher rates than adult women. They are faced with the burden of making adult decision as children, this does not only affect teenage mothers but teenage fathers too who have to grow up before their time. Their inability to cope with this burden usually leads...

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