How the 6 Macro-Environmental Forces May Affect the Marketing of Coca-Cola in 2012.

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How the 6 macro-environmental forces may affect the marketing of Coca-Cola in 2012.

Understanding the needs of the customers is the most important but the marketers should also be aware of the factors and the forces that influence the needs of the costumers. Some of the factors are the demographic, the economic, the sociocultural, the technological, the natural and the political forces, which are known as macro-environmental forces. Coca Cola is the world’s largest company with more than 3000 beverage drinks and with operations all over the world. Even if it’s a really successful company the last years has been influenced a lot from the macro- environmental forces.
First of all, one of the most important forces is the economic one, which affects all the companies, just like Coca Cola because of the economic crisis that we have the last four years. The slowdown in the economy has as a result, high unemployment rate that can affect the population’s purchasing power. Some years ago the people consumed more products of Coca Cola but since the economic problem started the people try to decrease their purchases. However, in order to keep its costumers the company has decreased the prose of the product.
Technology is another aspect of the macro-environment that has affected Coca Cola. The envelopment of the company depends on the technology they use that it helps them to bring more money than they expect. Coca Cola’s team decided to upgrade the SAP application in order to save money. That was an opportunity for the company to introduce the IBM DB2. With the DB2 they had a faster backup and they reduced the storage cost. So now they are able to do their operations in less time and much cheaper. In the last four years, the company has saved $100000 and they have reduced the database size to 4 present.
Environmental factors of Coca Cola depend on the local, the national…...