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How the Internet Changed the World

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Sometimes you may ask yourself, what is the internet? What is so great about it? How do we benefit from the internet? I feel that the internet revolutionized the world enabling us to do many great things. With todays’ technological advances the possibilities to with which what we can do with the internet are limitless.
The internet is a group of computers connected to a network. Which allow those computers to communicate and transfer information to one another.
Whether for businesses or person use, the internet is useful for everyone. The internet is all around us. It’s in the checkout line at the cash register. It’s in the fuel pump at the gas station. It’s in the traffic cameras. The internet is also in our phones.
For businesses, the internet saves a lot of time and effort, allowing each location to keep a live record of the other locations’ inventory. Small time companies that were once limited to where they could conduct business, can now conduct it globally. The internet provides a way to have a 24-7 store front without increasing labor costs. Companies like E-bay are driven by the internet and without it E-bay would not exist.
The internet lets people separated by oceans stay in touch. Without the internet there is no Facebook or Twitter and you wouldn’t be able to like a comment or poke a friend. There would be no Xbox Live or YouTube. With the internet you can check Yelp for the best local restaurants. You can watch Netflix at home on your computer or on the go with your mobile device.

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