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How to Appoint a Proxy

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The WNM Sdn Bhd is a private company limited by shares. The company is about to hold its 12th Annual General Meeting on 21 December 2011 to pass both ordinary and special resolutions. The following matters relating to the forthcoming annual general meeting are raised by various parties. As the company secretary of the company, you are required to advise them.
a) John and Linda are newly appointed directors of the company and they ask you to explain the use of members' resolution in writing and whether it can be used instead of holding an annual general meeting. (8 marks)
b) Aminah, one of the shareholders of the company, seeks your advice on the rules relating to appointment of proxies to the meeting. (8 marks)
c) Mr. Alan, a director, wants to know when is the latest date for the company to post the notice of the meeting. Give reasons for your answer. (4 marks)

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b) Aminah, one of the shareholders of the company, seeks your advice on the rules relating to appointment of proxies to the meeting.(8 marks)
At common law, there is no right to appoint a proxy or substitute and vote on the member half. The right to appoint proxy to vote at general meeting arises out of express regulation or by the article of the statute. A proxy is ‘lawfully constituted agent or the proxy form which is document appointing the proxy and the person authorized by the proxy form to act or for the appointor to attend and vote at the meeting on the appointors behalf.
The Companies Act 1965 provided right for a member of a company to appoint another person to attend company meetings as a proxy. In section 149 1 (a) to (d), such a person can have the same rights as a member at the meeting. This right is restricted to the proxy voting in a poll which he must be a member, an approved company auditor or a person approved by...

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