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How to Be a Perfect Woman?

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How Do I Know What He Really Wants in a Woman?
First things first. I'm only going to say it once. There is no perfect woman. So stop wasting your time trying to obtain perfection. In my line of work I often find myself thinking, 'well, there's no accounting for taste.' I've seen barbie look-a-likes fall head over heels with men who, to put it kindly, no one would ever mistake for Ken. But chemistry between people is a mysterious phenomenon, and everyone has their own idea of beauty. That said, even if beauty comes in many shapes and forms, and is in the eyes of the beholder, there are some guidelines that we can use to access our own unique beauty. It is a mission of mine to try and reverse, as much as I can, the way in which females are pitted against one another as competitors, critics, and enemies. The words women use to describe one another are toxic and nasty and only add to our insecurity and lack of self-love. So hear it from me:
1) Men want women who love themselves and appreciate other women. A guaranteed turn-off to a man on a date is a woman who bad-mouths the people around them. Indirectly, when you say mean things about other women, it implies that you do not particularly like yourself. Also, catty women make men feel insecure. So stop the trash talk, it's not doin you any favors.
2) Health is the key to true beauty. Now notice ladies, I did not say thinness was the key to beauty. I said health. Crash-dieting, bingeing, purging and over-exercising give us bad teeth, stretch marks, headaches, puffiness, and any number of more life-threatening symptoms if we engage in disordered eating. Health comes from the inside out. We are at our most beautiful when we are relaxed, nourished, and...

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