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How to Be a Successful College Student

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How to be a successful College Student

Being successful in college is harder than I thought. To be a successful college student requires hard work, patience, persistence and dedication. Success is born from inside of each one of us. Success is the desire of each one of us to be a better person and commit ourselves to the path that will take us there. Success in life or in anything someone does comes through hard work and perseverance. It's essential for me to stay focused on my academic goals. This means attending my classes regularly and on time, paying attention to my instructors and tracking my academic progress. There are times, like test and quizzes, which requires me to force knowledge into my head. The best way and the only one to obtain knowledge is by studying.
Study habits are one of the essential tools that I must obtain or enhance in order to be successful. It’s not something that can be brushed off. Having a good study habit, avoiding distraction, and having a strong resolve has lead me to accomplishing my first semester here at TC3. When tackling assignments I had to make sure to plan well in advance; break down projects into manageable chunks, and setting goals along the way. Completing homework and class readings on time and avoid waiting until the last minute for important deadlines.

Studying involves reading the textbooks, understand them, being able to explain it to others and sometimes memorize the most important concepts. It is important to have a special place and a special time to study. I try to find a peaceful place and also try to study during the times that work best. While studying, I also use this time to do the homework and assigned reading. I still need to learn to be good on time management skills. Learning to balance school, family and social life is one of the most important things to learn and I am still struggling...

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