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What is Critical Theory?DefinitionGenerally, Critical Theory is a broad approach to challenging and destabilizing established knowledge.In a more focused sense, Critical Theory comes out of the German 'Frankfurt School,' (who called it Critical Theory of Society or Critical Social Theory)which emphasizes that all knowledge is historical and biased, and that 'objective' knowledge is illusory.DiscussionCritical Theory starts from Marx and Freud and expands through the 20th century to cover areas such as literary criticism, linguistics, semiotics, psychology, philosophy, feminism, screen theory, and includes methods such as structuralism, post-structuralism, deconstruction and postmodernism.Critical Theory is such a huge area, it is almost impossible to cover it in total depth. This section is based on an extension of a study done as a part of a postgraduate university course in psychology. | What is literary criticism? Literary criticism has multiple functions. It is used as a vehicle to interpret or analyze various types of literature, including poetry, novels, and plays. There are many different types, or schools, of literary criticism that can be applied to works of literature. Critical essays are the most common form of literary criticism, and they are generally found in scholarly journals or in books of collected essays or anthologies. In effect, literary criticism explores different possible meanings that a text may have. Criticism may look at an idea in a single text or may compare ideas found in multiple texts. These texts may be by the same author, or they may be from the same time period, or they may include similar themes. Often, literary critics use examples from the text or texts to emphasize or support the points they are making in their interpretations or analyses. In addition, ideas from other critical essays may be used to support or defend a point in...

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...with regard ot that, people can still undertsand. The closed class possessess first order info, whereas the open class has second order. Time flies like an arrow; We read this sentence and we interperet it I the cliché way, we don’t think of it, for example, as an imperative sentence. The stress _______________________-- Types of expectations: a) Our knowledge about the world, that is, our model of the world. Frames give us expectations as well when we are talking, reading. b) The organization, we have an expectation with regard to the order of the words, don’t we?. c) How you arrange a text d) Text type or “genre”: I think of cortazars instructions e.g. how to blow ur nose Svend age madsen (danish writer who changes form one chafracter to another, or sth like that) Definitie article: we used because it is previusoly mentioned that objecvt. For example: aman….. and then I say the man…. Also if theres a certain frame being used, you don’t Hve to introduce certain characters… if if I talk about my car I don’t have to introduce the carburator Also if somenthing is accessible: like I want to ride into the wild forrest. Also things of culture or nature you just say the sun, or the queen.# We use “a” when something is unkknown or...

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