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How to Become a Human Resource Manager

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So You Want to Become a
Human Resource Manager

Thesis: This report will offer insights into the challenging field of a Human Resource Manager.
I. Introduction A. Definition B. Background C. Statistics of Job Openings D. Thesis and Purpose E. Source and Scope of Research
II. Career Analysis A. Nature of the Work 1. Occupational Specialists 2. Duties and Responsibilities 3. Working Conditions a. Hours b. Environment B. Employment Requirements 1. Education a. Bachelor’s degree b. Master’s degree c. Professional certifications 2. Personal Skills

a. People skills b. Organizational skills c. Communication skills C. Employment Outlook a. National b. Colorado D. Salary and Benefits 1. Salary a. National b. Colorado 2. Benefits a. Health b. Paid Leaves/Vacations c. Stock options E. Advantages and Challenges
III. Conclusion A. Summary of Findings B. Interpretation of Findings C. Recommendations

So You Want to be a Human Resource Manager
With the extremely high competition in the business world, corporations are looking to recruit the best and the brightest in employees. To keep these employees happy and to reduce huge turnovers, companies have relied on human resource managers to make an environment in which these valued employees can be productive and profitable. Human resource managers make sure that upper management, lower management, and workers have a mutual and beneficial work environment as listed by the O*Net OnLine website by performing several of the following duties: * work with executive management to employ the right workers * develop programs to help train and orientate new employees * communicate between management and employees about grievances * stay informed of all...

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