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How to Build a Computer

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How to build a computer

1. Choosing a motherboard: There many different types of motherboards to choose from they all depend on:
-What kind of processor you want
-What size motherboard do you want to use
-How many USB ports will you need.
-What kind of graphics card will you be using.
2. Buying computer parts: you can order parts by mail or buy them at the store (although online is cheaper)
CPU: Choosing the right brand and pin configuration to fit your motherboard/
RAM: Correct pin configuration that will match your mother board
Power Supply: If the case you choose doesn't include a power supply you'll need to choose one. 300 watts is sufficient for the average computer.
Video Card: choose a video card if you're not using the onboard video that comes with the motherboard.
Optical Drive: CD/DVD drive and or burner
Hard Drive: PATA or SATA depending on your motherboatd
Operating System: There's a lot to choose from the latest is windows 7.
3. Installing the RAM and Microprocessor
Caution: BEFORE this is done make sure you've relieved yourself of all sources of static electricity. Easiest way to do this is by grounding yourself.
First, you'll need to unwrap the motherboard and the microprocessor chip. The chip will have one marked corner that aligns with another marked corner of its socket on the motherboard. You don't need to apply any pressure - if it's aligned correctly, it should fall into place. Once you have it in, cinch it down with the lever arm. Now, you need to install the heat sink. The CPU box will contain a manual that tells you how to do it. The heat sink will contain either a heat sink sticker or heat sink grease to use when mounting the heat sink on the CPU. Follow the instructions closely to install it.
Connect the power lead for the heat sink to the motherboard. Next, you'll install the RAM. Look on the motherboard for the...

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