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How to Buy a Car

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The Car Buying Market Today
To gain some perspective on the overall car market in the US, each year, approximately 213 million cars drive the streets of America. As for vehicles that are purchased annually, here are some interesting observations: * Of all the vehicles purchased in the USA each year, 16 million are new and 41 million are used. * Of all the used vehicles purchased by consumers: one-third are from private parties one-third are from franchised dealerships one-third are from independent dealers * 17 million used vehicles are sold to auctions each year.

How to buy a car
Don't head to the car dealership empty handed. If you want to make the dreaded process of buying a car a little easier, make sure you have your papers in order.
An unsuspecting victim is in the market for a new car complete with sweaty palms and racing pulse. He has no plan of attack, and the car dealer's approach is as calculated as a lion stalking its prey. He sizes up the shopper and finds the jugular. Then ... he pounces. Finance rates go flying, down payments make the victim's head spin, he barely remains conscious as the salesman rips into his prey with option packages. Buy now, pay later, cash for your trade-in, no credit-no problem -- how many ploys can these blood-thirsty savages use to bring their victim to their knees?
But you can arm yourself and be prepared for your showdown in order to make the confrontation as quick and painless as possible. You've just got to get your paperwork in order.
Prepare for the hunt
Experts agree that before you hit the dealership, you should do your research. You're a sitting duck if you walk into a dealership without an idea of what you are looking to spend and the vehicle you are looking to purchase. This is not to say that you need to have your mind made up before you take a test drive, but do some research to determine what cars,...

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