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We use a conversational and non-technical way to introduce the introductory skills that you will need to develop in order to become comfortable with accessing and using computer programs. We will concentrate on the skills that will apply to many commonly used programs. Topics to be covered include: Hardware Basics, Windows Basics, and working with text.

Computer Basic Skills
Microsoft Windows PCs

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Basic Computer Components
Computers come in different shapes and sizes. However, there are several parts on a computer that are universal to all computers.

Hardware vs. Software
Hardware includes the parts of the computer system that you actually can touch (like the keyboard, mouse, monitor, or CPU). What’s a CPU? It’s explained below. Software refers to the programs that you use on your computer (like a wordprocessing program) or the programs that make your computer work (you physically cannot touch these). Programs are also called applications. CPU (Central Processing Unit): This box is the brain of a computer system. It processes, stores, and communicates information. Wires connect your CPU to your monitor and other devices. Computers are somewhat similar to people. They have memories just like us. The memory on a computer is stored in data on disks. Disks look like small heavy old style records. Disks function similarly like records. As the disk spins inside the computer, the data on the disk is accessed. The programs that you use (such as word-processing) and the program that runs your computer (the operating system) are stored on the CPU’s hard disk. Monitor: This part of the computer system that visually communicates with the user. It is somewhat like a television. Almost all information communicated from the computer to the user is through the monitor. (The monitor is also referred to as “the screen”)

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On most computer systems, both the CPU and the monitor have a power switch that turns them on and off. Most power switches have this symbol.

Printer: This device takes information (usually text and pictures) from the computer and prints it on paper.

Keyboard: The keyboard is an important tool that allows a user to communicate with the computer. It is composed of “keys” that send a signal to the computer that the computer recognizes and uses to carry out processes and programs. Keyboards come in various shapes and sizes, but serve generally the same purpose. We’ll go over the specific keys in another part of this guide. Mouse: Similar to the keyboard, the mouse is used to communicate with the computer. The mouse is like a remote control to a TV—It is a tool that drives the computer that can be used “away from the computer;” though the mouse is considered your direct connection into the computer world. We’ll go over how to use the mouse later in the guide.

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Welcome to the Computer
The first thing to understand is that it’s difficult to “break” a computer. They are designed to recover from most things a user does to them with a few clicks. If you experience a problem that you can’t fix, you can:  Ignore the problem  Just turn off the computer until you can get help MANY NEW COMPUTERS USERS ARE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT BREAKING THEIR COMPUTER THAN IS WARRANTED. So relax! Computers come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and speeds, but all essentially perform the same tasks. Most computers and mice are very similar; but sometimes a computer might have an extra button or two. While working with computers requires some flexibility and adaptation to different computer designs, you will find this easy to learn. Also, within a computer, there are many ways to do the same task. Lastly, the important hint to keep in mind when you’re using a computer is to be patient. Sometimes the computer has to “think” too!

Keyboard and Mouse
The keyboard and mouse are the two most common ways that users communicate with a computer – or tell the computer what they want it to do. First, we’ll look at a keyboard and show you that it’s somewhat like a typewriter that has some fancy tools to help you more effectively

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communicate with the computer. A mouse is a little bit like a television remote – and also helps you tell the computer what to do.

Keys on the Keyboard

The caps lock key activates a feature that affects only the letter keys. Pressing on the caps lock button causes all letter keys to type in uppercase. All other keys will act the same as if caps lock is off. To deactivate caps lock, press the caps lock key again. Shift Key The shift key is used in combination with a second key. The shift key is used primarily to capitalize letters. Shift differs from caps lock because you have to hold the shift key down while simultaneously pressing another key to capitalize a letter, where you only press the caps lock key once. Holding down the shift key also is used to type the characters and symbols above the numbers on the number keys. Tab Key The tab key is used to move from one position on the screen to another. It also creates a “tab stop” (right 1/2 inch) indentation for your paragraphs. This is very similar to a typewriter. Enter Key When working with text (words), pressing on the enter key moves the cursor down to the next line. Otherwise, pressing the enter key will activate anything that you have selected. Escape Key The escape key is used to cancel the current operation or can be used to exit a program. Space Bar Pressing the space bar while the cursor is positioned within text will cause a space (one character wide) to be placed at the position of the cursor (like on a typewriter).

Caps Lock Key

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Note: The Cursor is a blinking line when typing a letter that lets you know where you will start typing. (It moves as you type and looks like “|” )

The control key (Ctrl) is usually used with another key. Holding the control key in addition to another key or keys will start a function. Later on, we will teach you some control key functions that deal with word processing. Alt Key The alternate key (Alt), similar to the control key, and is used in combination with other keys. Arrow Keys The four arrow keys are located on several keys to the right of the spacebar at the bottom of the keyboard. Pressing one of these keys will cause some type of screen movement in the direction of the arrow on the key. These keys are frequently used when correcting mistakes in documents and allow users to “go back” and fix mistakes instead of erasing all of the work since the mistake was made. Backspace Pressing the backspace key while the cursor is positioned within text Key will delete the character (or space) immediately to the left of the cursor. Delete Key Pressing the delete key while the cursor is positioned within text will delete the character (or space) immediately to the right of the cursor.
Keyboarding tips:

Control Key

 

When typing, you only have to quickly press the key to make it appear on the screen. If you hold it down too long, multiple same letters will appear (rrrr). When the caps locks is activated, a light appears on the keyboard. When typing, remember to press on the space bar after typing each word in a sentence. If you forget, your sentences will appear as one long word.

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Using the Mouse
1. Let your hand rest comfortably on top of the mouse. Most people are righthanded and therefore, the mouse is usually on the right side of the computer. All left-handed folks don’t have to worry because millions of “lefties” use computers. Some lefthanded people simply move the mouse over to their left side of the computer and use it there. Others use their right hand and soon become ambidextrous! It’s most important to remember to “do what’s most comfortable for you!” For teaching purposes, we will now continue using the right hand terminology. 2. Fit the palm of your hand around the mouse, with your index finger resting on the left (the primary) mouse button and your middle finger resting on the right (the secondary) mouse button. Let the heel of your hand rest on the desk or table. 3. As you move the mouse, the mouse pointer (the cursor on the screen) will move in the same direction as your hand.

Positions of hands on mice

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Mouse Tips:
 Pressing the mouse buttons is easy and takes a slight amount of pressure.  As a beginning computer user, avoid pressing or clicking with the right mouse button. It’s for additional options that advanced users typically use and since you don’t need to use it as a beginner - best avoid it for now!

Mouse Cursors
The arrow/cursor/pointer is the visual cue that points, moves, and selects things on monitor. You can remember this as your “electronic finger” that points to things on your computer screen (monitor). The mouse pointer is somewhat like your virtual finger inside the computer. It may change shapes as you move it around the screen – which gives you a visual cue that the function of the pointer has changed. The mouse pointer is in the shape of an arrow as you point to icons, menu choices, toolbar buttons, etc. The mouse pointer will change to an I-beam shape (cursor) when it is over text (words). You can continue to use the mouse to move the I-beam until it is positioned at the place where you would like to work with the text (e.g. where you would like to insert a word or letter). Then click the left mouse button to actually position the cursor at that point, and enter the word or letter.

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Mouse Techniques
Because the mouse is a critical component of the computer, we’ll examine some mouse techniques that will be used. The mouse can be used in many different ways. There are primarily the two mouse buttons, known as the left and right button. The left button is primarily used. Some mouse techniques include: Click: This is the easiest of the techniques, however it is very important that you do it properly. To click, you press down one of the mouse buttons. As you click it, it makes a “clicking” noise. The most important skill to learn when clicking is that it only takes a very light, short tap to click a mouse button. Don’t click the mouse too hard since this tends to slow you down. Once you have mastered clicking, you will be ready to move on to the next most essential practice, pointing. Left Clicking: This is the primary “click” that you will use. This is clicking on the left mouse button. When someone says, “click here,” that usually means to left click. Right Clicking: This is used to change options or perform specific functions that aren’t usually necessary for beginner. Point: Use the mouse to move the mouse pointer so that it hovers over the top of an icon or word on the screen. Sometimes, this is all that you need to do in order to prompt a response from the computer (as an example, the shape of your cursor may change). Point and click: Move the mouse pointer over the top of an item (such as an icon) on your screen and then (while holding your hand still) gently press and release the left button on the mouse. This technique is often used to make a selection.

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Double-click: While hovering the mouse pointer over an item on the screen, quickly press the left mouse button two times. This may take some practice but it is a very useful and important skill. If you are having problems double clicking, it’s most likely because you’re moving the mouse slightly when double clicking. Try to steady your hand and try it again. By double clicking, you are usually prompting the computer to take an action on the item you selected (double clicking on an icon on your computer desktop may open or start a program). Click and drag: Press and hold down a mouse button (usually the left button). As you hold down the button, move the mouse in any direction. Click and drag is a method used when “highlighting” or “selecting” text. To do this to text, click at the beginning of the text that you want to select, hold down the left mouse button, and move your mouse to the end of where you want to highlight. The Right Mouse Button (Uh-Oh!): What happens if you accidentally press the right mouse button? A menu pops up— and it’s not a problem, but it can make the computer do something that you don’t expect if you then click on the menu. For now, avoid “confusing” the computer. If you accidentally right click and open a box, left click in an open space (see picture) and the box will close.

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Windows Basics
The Microsoft Windows Operating System

Microsoft Windows is the operating system that is installed on most computers. An operating system is the software that runs your computer and makes it think. Application software (a.k.a. programs) such as a word processing, spreadsheet programs, or games runs on top of the operating system. The first screen you see on the monitor when the computer starts up is called the desktop. It is sometimes referred to as The Desktop Environment (as a whole). This is where you will do everything—write letters, send emails, browse the Internet, and so forth.

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The Desktop Environment
The desktop environment is made up of several parts including:     Desktop Icons The Task Bar The Clock The Start Button

Desktop icons, sometimes called shortcuts, are quick ways to access different programs. To use shortcut icons on the desktop environment to open programs, use the mouse to point to the desktop icon that represents the program that you want to open. Double click on the icon and the program will open or start. The task bar is the area at the very bottom of the computer screen. You will soon be able to multitask and do several things at once. The task bar is there to help you keep things organized and become even more efficient. There is a clock that conveniently tells you the time. Remember: When double-clicking, do so quickly or the computer will get “confused.”

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The Start Button
The start button is located on the lower left hand corner of your screen – on the taskbar. It’s used to access all of the programs on the computer so you can “start” them.

To use the start menu to open programs: 1. Point and click the mouse pointer at the button at the lower left corner of the Windows desktop (the screen that appears when you first start up your computer). This activates a pop-up menu. 2. Slide the mouse pointer up the menu to Programs. The menu selection will be highlighted in blue and a sub-menu will be activated. 3. Slide the mouse pointer straight to the right onto the sub-menu. 4. Slide the pointer straight up or down to highlight the program group that you would like to use and then click on the program you want to open.

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Turning the Computer On and Off
On a desktop computer, there will be a button to turn on the computer. Similarly, there will usually be a button on the monitor to turn on the monitor. These buttons are usually on the front of the computer and the monitor. The computer goes through a number of internal tasks when starting up. It may take a few minutes for it to complete these tasks. Patience, as you will learn, is used a lot when working with a computer. After the computer stops making what almost sounds like a grinding noise (this is normal – it’s the hard drive being accessed) and the picture on the screen stops changing, it is probably ready for you to use! Turning a computer off takes more practice. You should follow the procedure below that allows the computer to properly store files. Avoid unplugging the computer or holding down the power button, unless the computer freezes. 1. Click on the start button at the bottom left of the screen. 2. From the start menu choose Shut down. 3. In the dialog box that opens, select Shut down (if it isn't already pre-selected). 4. Click on the OK button. 5. Wait until the monitor turns black and the computer is no longer making a humming noise. Lastly, turn off the computer monitor by pressing the power button on the monitor. Remember: You will not see anything on the monitor screen unless both the computer and the monitor are turned on.

Important: Shutting down sometimes takes a long time.

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Becoming Comfortable Using a Mouse: The Solitaire Card Game
It’s important to become comfortable with the mouse. To do this, we’ll use a computer game called Solitaire. Computer Solitaire is similar to Card Solitaire, but it is played on the computer and you use your mouse to move cards around. The object of solitaire is to stack all the cards in 4 piles in their correct suits of ascending rank. Piles of cards can be laid out in the bottom half of the screen as an intermediate step. Access Solitaire by clicking on Start, All Programs, Accessories, Games, and then Solitaire.

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Three Regions make up the solitaire screen. These include Building Piles, The Deck, and Suit Piles. Building Piles – Located in the bottom portion of the solitaire window, the building pile is where you will organize the cards before placing them in the suit piles. The top card in each pile is face up. The rest are hidden. Once you remove the top card from the pile, you may turn over the card that was under the previously face-up card. The Deck – Located in the top-left, it consists of cards you will use in your piles. Click on the top card. It will draw a card and put it into an adjacent pile face-up. Clicking on the deck will draw another card. Once you have gone through the entire deck once, a large “O” will appear where the deck used to be. This lets you know that you have gone through the deck once and if you click on the “O”, the deck will be replaced again. You may go through the deck as many times as you wish. Suit Piles – Located at the top-right of the screen, these stacks are empty at the beginning of the game. This is where you will stack your cards in ascending order (From Ace, 2, 3 etc...) and in the same suit to win the game. To move a card from one pile to another pile, (left) click and hold (click and drag) and move your mouse so the card is on top of the pile that you want to move it to. After the card is “over” where you want to place it, release the left mouse button and it should stay in place. If you moved the card improperly, the card will fly back to its original position and you have to move it again.

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Legal Moves in Solitaire
1. An ace can be placed in the Suit Pile. 2. A card at the top of a stack can be moved to its corresponding suit pile if the rank of the card at the top of the stack is less than that card. 3. Only a king can be placed in a space not occupied by any other card in the building piles. 4. Ordered cards at the bottom of a building pile, in the deck, or in the suit pile can be moved to another building pile if there is a card in the ordered sequence that has an opposite color and a rank one less than the card at the top of the destination stack.

Example Steps
1. Move available cards on building piles 2. Check and cycle through deck 3. Move to suit piles

Windows Multitasking

Card Ranks are as follows: Kings have a rank of 13 Queens have a rank of 12 Jacks have a rank of 11 Aces have a rank of 1

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We will now move on to more advanced features on the computer. We suggest that you open a program called Notepad.

To Open Notepad
1. 2. 3. 4. First click start Move up to Programs Go to Accessories Click Notepad

The minimize button is on the left. Click on this button to cause the window to become a button on the task bar.

The maximize/restore button is the middle button. This button actually toggles between two different buttons. Click on the maximize button to make the window its largest size. Click on the restore button to return the window to its original (medium) size. The close button is on the right. Click on this button to close the window. This closes whatever program or document was in the window!

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Working with Windows
Each program or object that you open appears in its own window (a rectangular area on the screen). These windows open on top of each other, so you may need to make some adjustments to be able to see the window in which you want to work. At the top right of each window you will see three buttons. These allow you to minimize, maximize or restore, or close the window.

Note: To restore a minimized window to its previous size, click on the window's button located on the Task Bar (the area at the bottom of the screen)

How to switch between applications using the minimize feature and the Taskbar.
You can open more than one program at a time on your computer. This is called multitasking. There is a simple and easy way to organize all the tasks (or all of the programs that are running). There are basically four different buttons that you’ll use to organize tasks. The first button is the programs’ buttons is on the taskbar. The Taskbar, again, is all the way at the bottom of your screen. It usually is grey, but it can also be blue, green, red, and almost any other color you want it to be.

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Notice how the “Calculator” program is in focus. You can tell because it has a blue title bar while the “Notepad” program is unfocused because it is grayish. Also, in the taskbar, the program in focus always has its button pressed inward.

Multitasking Exercise
1. First open a program (try notepad). Notice how the name of the program is displayed in a button on the taskbar. (This is true for most programs, however certain programs (commonly intense fullscreen games) will take up the entire screen and hide the taskbar. 2. Next press the minimize button at the top. See how the program disappears on your screen, but its button with its name is still in the taskbar. 3. Now open another program (try calculator). Minimize that program also. See how it also is still in the Taskbar. The Taskbar always shows you what you have

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opened, even if you have minimized it and it is no longer on the screen. You can open as many programs as you want. To make the program reappear, left click its name and it will pop up. 4. Try clicking on the other program on the taskbar. See how that program comes up too (probably over the other one). Now click on the other program’s window. It will come to the front. When you are done with a task/program, just simply click on the “X” button and it will close.

Using Scroll Bars
The screen may have as many as two scroll bars available. The scroll bars allow you to bring new information into view on the screen. The scroll bars have a black arrow at each end and a square or rectangle in the area between the two arrows. The vertical scroll bar is located on the right edge of the screen. The horizontal scroll bar is located toward the bottom of the screen. Use the vertical scrollbar to:  Move up or down a line at a time (or a small distance), click once on the up or down arrow.  Move up or down several lines at a time, click and hold the up or down arrow.  Move up or down a portion of the screen, click and drag the scroll box (the square or rectangle in the middle of the arrows) up or down.  Move up or down a screen at a time, click in the light gray area above or below the scroll box.

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To use the horizontal scrollbar to:  Move left or right a small distance, click once on the left or right arrow.  Scroll left or right a larger distance, click and hold the left or right arrow.  Move left or right a portion of the screen, click and drag the scroll box left or right.  Move left or right a screen at a time, click to the left or right of the scroll box.

“Pull Down” Menus
“Pull Down” Menus are in many different applications. They offer a neat, organized way to perform functions. Inside the “Pull Down” Menu, there are different features and functions that can be accessed, depending on the type of program that you are using. “Pull Down” Menus are grouped by categories, depending on their function. Most programs have certain categories such as “File,” “Edit,” and “Help.” The File “Pull Down” Menu provides features that deal with the program and how it operates. As an example, in Notepad, you can save a document, open a file, print a document or exit Notepad by using “Pull Down” menu. The Edit “Pull Down” Menu allows one to modify text, find objects and words, and so on. Select the Help “Pull Down” Menu provides help when you have questions, whether it’s in a manual, strategy guide, troubleshooting tips, a wizard, or any other application.

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To operate a “Pull Down” Menu, just left click the name of the menu, for instance, File, and then click on the entry that you desire on the list and the operation will be executed, or carried out.
Troubleshooting is a wonderful process, similar to problem solving. You hear it often with computer problems. Essentially, you are looking at all the common problems and trying to find a simple solution. A wizard is a step by step program that guides you through another program that is more complicated. There are wizards to help install programs on your computer, because it is very difficult to do so “manually.” Other wizards include wizards for making cards, making letters, and organizing data.

Working With Text
Working with text is also known as word processing. Word processors include Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Microsoft Works, Word Pad, and Notepad. Word processors work nearly the same as a typewriter. The flexibility of a word processor is its true value. With a typewriter, if you make an error on a document, you would probably need to retype the entire paper or use the special white tape. Using word processor, you can add, remove, and replace text anywhere without needing to retype anything. The word processor will automatically space and format your paper. You can make multiple copies of a paper without needing to go to a copier. In a word processor, when the mouse pointer is within text, the pointer will be in the shape of an I-beam. When you click the mouse to position the cursor in the text, the cursor will change to a blinking vertical bar that indicates the insertion point.

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Inserting Text
Use the mouse or arrow keys to place the insertion point within the text at the point where the text is to be inserted. Type the desired text.

Often, you might want a printed version (a hard copy) of your letter or document to take with you. Most word processing programs make it easy to print. First, make sure you have a printer hooked up. If you don’t have a printer, ask a trusted technology-savvy person to help you get one. To print an open file using printing options: 1. From the FILE menu, choose PRINT. 2. In the dialog box that opens (similar to the one on the right), select the printing options that you want to apply. 3. Click on the OK button (or Cancel button if you are not ready to print). To print an open file using DEFAULT printing options, most programs include a Print button on the toolbar. It may look something like this: . (In most programs, using the toolbar Print button will automatically print all of the pages of the file).

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Congratulations! You have just completed the Computer Basics Class! Please keep this packet handy for any quick-reference questions you might have in the future. It is also a good idea to practice the different exercises occasionally. Congratulations and have fun with the computer! Most importantly, you are ready to learn how to use the Internet, email, and social networking. There are specific Net Literacy lessons to help teach each of these skills.

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...How to connect with generаtion Y The right plаce to work Generаtion Y vаlues sociаl networks аnd contаct over sаlаries аnd positions Todаy’s young people аre not аs keen on stаying put in one work plаce аs eаrlier generаtions. They like to mix things аround аnd try different things, but thаt does not mаke them аny less cаpаble аs employees. For the new ‘Generаtion Y’, work isn’t something they will sаcrifice everything for; insteаd it is something thаt should be аn integrаted pаrt of their lives. If the job doesn’t mаke sense to them, they might be less hаrd working. They wаnt to feel thаt their work is meаningful, аnd thаt it contributes both to the compаny аnd their own personаl development. Money is not necessаrily the primаry issue аt stаke for this generаtion thаt hаsn’t reаlly experienced mаteriаl needs. The sociаl relаtionships with co-workers аnd executives аre just аs importаnt аs well аs the possibility of а vаriety of work experiences аnd а chаllenging every dаy, where these young people cаn use their аbilities аnd show thаt they аre cаpаble of lifting more difficult tаsks. Аttrаctions The concept аnd the аtmosphere of the compаny аre very importаnt for this generаtion in their choice of job. Young people of todаy аre аttrаcted to workplаces thаt cаn offer them а high level of flexibility аnd vаriаtion in their jobs, аs compаnies like KPMG аnd Price Wаterhouse Coopers do by providing а rаnge of different work experiences such аs sociаl-responsibility......

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How Dreams Connect to Wish Fulfillment

...How Dreams Connect to Wish Fulfillment Dreams are a very diverse subject in cinema because of the various ways they are portrayed and played out in a film. They are open to have anything happen in them, and the advancement in cinematography and postproduction makes it possible to take many different artistic directions when filming dream sequences in a film. It is also possible for a dream to have meanings and purposes, such as playing a role in fulfilling a wish that someone cannot normally achieve in reality on their own. This idea is represented well by the protagonist in Sherlock Jr., a projectionist who yearns to become a detective. Since Sherlock Jr. is a silent film, the protagonist’s feelings and emotions, as well as the emotions of all of the other characters, are heavily portrayed through their actions and facial expressions, as well as dialogue and backstory that are shown on the title cards. One of the projectionist’s desires is explained at the very start of the film, first written on the second title card and then in the first and second opening shot where he is seen reading a book titled “How To Be A Detective.” In the first shot where he is seen sitting by himself and the big empty theater can be perceived as representing how enthralled he is in his own world of wanting to be a detective. While reading the book, the protagonist shows more of his desire by taking out a magnifying glass and inspecting his own fingerprint, and by wearing a fake moustache......

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How Unilever’s Brands Connect with Consumers

...the missing factors in GDP such as inequality, household productions and cost to the environment to the national expenditure in order to better peoples quality of life. ISEW is a complicated system that adds components such as the public sector non defensive expenses and the value of services from labour and then subtract the negative factors such as the costs of environmental degradation and the depreciation of the natural capital where all of these factors are very important for country development. The main advantage of ISEW is that it covers a boarder variety of categories thus showing the growth sustainability more clearly by which governments can see how much of their growth need to be changed regarding to the unsustainable means they currently employing. Another advantage for ISEW that it allows governments to see how to meet the social targets along with the economic one's in order to improve the overall welfare. However, some ISEW factors have no apparent monetary value, this may result in differences in construction and lead to inefficiency of this index as a comparison of the sustainable of economy by which some countries may believe that they are sustainable more than they really are (Econorant, 2011). Another alternative is the well-being or happiness economics. This measurement covers a wider range of concepts other than just happiness and it includes the measurement of good mental states, positive and negative that people make of their lives and the......

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How the Internet Changed Te World

...How the Internet Changed the World Information could only travel as fast as we could physically move it, before the 1960s. How can we relay information across a wide area quickly and reliably? The old way of business is soon to change, thanks to the internet. Connecting the world to a system of unlimited amounts of information will change the way we shop, bank, and pay bills. Making life a little easier. The internet also compiled information for libraries, scientists, and military members. Where will technology take our society? There were a number of great minds at work. J.C.R. Licklider of MIT created the internet in 1962(Howe). Leonard Kleinrock of MIT and later UCLA developed the theory of packet switching, which was to form the basis of Internet connections (Howe). Lawrence Roberts of MIT connected a Massachusetts computer with a California computer in 1965 over dial-up telephone lines. In the early development, the internet was called ARPANET. Which came online in 1969 under a contract led by the Advanced Research Projects Agency or ARPA (Howe). This was not the user friendly internet we know today. E-mail was brought into action sometime in 1972 by Ray Tomlinson. He was the first to adopt the “@” symbol. According to Howe, “In 1986, the National Science Foundation funded NSFNet as a cross country 56 Kbps backbone for the Internet.” The first efforts to index the internet was created in 1989. Peter Scott came out with Hytelnet in 1990, which stockpiled......

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Cyberbullying and How Internet Privacy Is Involved

...Cyberbullying and How Internet Privacy is Involved Abstract This paper is going to be about how cyberbullying and internet privacy go hand-in-hand with each other. Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication, like the internet and social media websites and cell phones, to bully a person, usually sending hurtful or embarrassing messages to them (Helen Cowie, 2013). Many of the articles that are going to be using for this paper talk about the different ways cyberbullying affects teens and young adults and also how internet privacy plays a role in cyberbullying. There is an article from Bob Sullivan (2013) that talks about how internet privacy is a complicated issue and there are criminals who break into websites to steal personal information. Since people can get someone else’s personal information, that makes it easier for a cyberbully to create a fake profile on a social media site, and make fun of and belittle someone else. Keywords: Cyberbullying, electronic communication, Cyberbullying and How Internet Privacy is Involved Traditional face-to-face bullying has been identified as a risk factor for the social and emotional adjustment of perpetrators, targets, and bully victims during childhood and adolescence. Bullies have now found a new way to reach their targets, by cyberbullying. They now can go on the internet and social media websites or use their cell phone. With the bully being able to do this they have the power to reach their targets at any......

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How the Internet Has Affected Society

...Introduction The Internet is the decisive technology of the Information Age, as the electrical engine was the vector of technological transformation of the Industrial Age. This global network of computer networks, largely based nowadays on platforms of wireless communication, provides ubiquitous capacity of multimodal, interactive communication in chosen time, transcending space. The Internet is not really a new technology: its ancestor, the Arpanet, was fist deployed in 1969 (Abbate 1999). But it was in the 1990s when it was privatized and released from the control of the U.S. Department of Commerce that it diffused around the world at extraordinary speed: in 1996 the first survey of Internet users counted about 40 million; in 2013 they are over 2.5 billion, with China accounting for the largest number of Internet users. Furthermore, for some time the spread of the Internet was limited by the difficulty to lay out land-based telecommunications infrastructure in the emerging countries. This has changed with the explosion of wireless communication in the early twenty-fist century. Indeed, in 1991, there were about 16 million subscribers of wireless devices in the world, in 2013 they are close to 7 billion (in a planet of 7.7 billion human beings). Counting on the family and village uses of mobile phones, and taking into consideration the limited use of these devices among children under five years of age, we can say that humankind is now almost entirely connected, albeit with...

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How Unilever’s Brands Connect with Consumers

...How is Unilever applying its understanding of internal consumer processes in the psychological core to market its products? Unilever is using several points of the psychological core to market their product in order to make customers loyal. For exemple, the brand Dove used internet's exposure and the comprehension of the use to make ads for their “campaign for real beauty”. A lot of different types of customer are target in this campaign and everyone will remember it. For Ragù, they also used internet and therefore the exposure of the social media power to dialogue with their customers in order to get parent's opinion about getting children to eat to make a product that full fill the customers needs and also to create a relationship with them. They also created a website for their latinos customers to provide them with brand-oriented products. It creates a relationship between the customers and the brand and gives also a good image of the brand, a brand who really care about his customers. They are also trying to get more customers by explaining to them how and why they should use a product in order to make their lifes better and also to make them feeling good about doing that action. This one is a part of memory and knowledge in the psychological core They also try to make the use of the product way easier and to fit with the environmental issues which is a part of attitude and formation changes in the psychological core. Which of the four external processes in...

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How Has the Internet Impacted Society?

...The Internet: How has the internet impacted society? Rob Ash ENGL 393 Professor April Walters April 5th , 2016 ------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents Summary of the Internet……………………………………………………………………………………………3 Are children smarter or more socialized because of internet?......................................3 Should the federal gov’t be allowed to regulate info on internet?................................5 How has the music industry been effected by the internet?.........................................6 Conclusion………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….9 Works cited…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………10 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Summary The internet plays a huge part of our everyday lives. As far as giving a typical definition it’s kind of difficult to give the internet one meaning. Unlike any other technology, the internet can be whatever we can make it. We can shape it however we may choose and the best part is how affective it’s used to connect to people, communities and countries all over the world. In the early days when the internet was still considered new, most people just used the internet to search for information. Most traditional......

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How Agricultural Development Through the Internet?

...How Agricultural Development Through The Internet? | Writer: | Agricultural Development | From: | Agricultural Development | | | Size: | Big Medium Small | Time: | 2016-06-28 13:33:15 | |   With the deepening of China's market-oriented process, a growing number of industry chain and industry category began branding, agricultural products are no exception. From the perspective of the consumer market and increasingly serious food safety issues, so that more and more consumers have the security concept of consumption. In the absence of clear criteria to identify safety, consumers naturally to whether the big brands, well-known brands as the safety criteria.   Agriculture brand in addition to provoke the desire of consumers to buy, but the main thing is that in exchange for the trust of consumers. "Internet +" era, the agricultural produce market will birth standardization, scale, brand transformation, brand agriculture will usher in a great opportunity. Accurate insight into the target market, people recognize the brand.   Agricultural products brand operation to achieve premium income of agricultural products created a prerequisite. But now, since most agricultural products is still in the early branding, there is a clear target population and the demands of the agricultural brand value rarely seen. Therefore, we do agriculture branding time, on the one hand, to follow the brand of agricultural plant growth, planting law; on the other hand, they must have......

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How Do Employers Monitor Internet Usage at Work

...INTERNET WEB SEARCH ARTICLE #1 HOW DO EMPLOYERS MONITOR INTERNET USAGE AT WORK? This article informs us the readers on how and what forms an employer can monitor our internet usage while at work. The main reason that we see this at work is due to our advance technology at the work place. Almost all companies have access to the internet at work which entices the workers to go to websites that are not work related. This article does not debate whether it is legal or illegal. It provides information on the two basic types that employers use to monitor, internet and desktop surveillance. This article explains that they use spyware like hackers do to monitor an employee’s internet usage, website visits, emails sent, information on emails, and streaming videos. This information provides specific work or unrelated work this employee is conducting to include the time spent. While conducting desktop surveillance it does all of the aforementioned to include offline activity. All systems are connected to the administrator’s computer and he can actually connect via remote and monitor while you are in front without knowing. I believe this article was mediocre in all. It did provide information that I was not aware like the two basic ways employers monitor. I feel they could have gone more in depth in this area. I know this article was not mean to debate whether it was legal or illegal but does cover the basic legal rights the employer and employee have. REFERENCE J. Bean......

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